A date with the weights

A date with the weights


A 2week program that enables men & women to add weight training to their fitness regime. The program contains high intensity training, circuit workouts and heavy lifting.

When you sign up for ‘A date with weights’ you’ll gain access to the Julia Trask Coaching app for 14 days, solely using it for personal training alone.

You’ll also be able to:

  • Add in complimentary cardio workouts

  • Track your nutrition

  • Measure your progress

  • Celebrate your success

  • Message your coach within the app anytime you have any questions/queries

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Please note Julia Trask does not take any responsibility for individuals who do not disclose any medical conditions, past or present. Individuals take part in activities at their own risk, they are advised to follow the explicit video instructions to ensure they do not risk injury to themselves.