Terms & Policies



When an individual becomes a client of Julia Trask Coaching they are required to sign the confidentiality form that demonstrates they understand the privacy I hold with my clients.

·         Personal details shared with Julia Trask or any of her employees (including contractors) will be treated as highly confidential.

·         Individuals are expected to share any medical plans, health conditions, allergies or medical history that may affect their ability to participate in fitness programming, nutrition plans and or that may interfere with already developed plans for mental health provided by other health professionals.

·         Julia Trask (and all who work for her) take no responsibility for individuals who do not divulge pertinent information and or the reduced state of health individuals may experience by choosing not to be transparent with us about their health.

·         In special circumstances only details will be passed onto external bodies, this applies in the case where clients may express they are in danger or harm from others or that they are potentially going to harm themselves. Information that is divulged to these external bodies only to the extent whereby the client can receive the care that is needed and duty of care can be maintained.

·         Individuals photos, testimonials and quotes are not used without their approval (written or spoken).

·         Individuals who have agreed to testimonials as part of the introductory prices to the products they have purchased must follow through on the testimonials otherwise they will be charged the full amount of the product. This is to ensure that the work Julia Trask and her team have done has been valued and respected and to ensure that the customer who receives considerable benefit from these offers follows through on their agreed action.

·         Financial information is stored via a secure operating system owned and operated by Trainerize, Vancouver, Canada. Financial information is stored for 7 years for tax purposes but it is never shared or used beyond the time frame you have agree to receive coaching or any other service or product for.


Terms and conditions of service

·         When a client signs up for a program with Julia Trask Coaching they will be direct debited on a monthly basis at the price quoted to the them at the beginning of their program. Should a client wish to change their card details or end their coaching program they are required to email me at julia@julia-trask.com to let me know at least 7 days prior to the commencement of their next month, this is because the billing process begins 3 days before a client’s bank account actually is charged. In the event that the client does not do this with the 7 days notice they can expect to see one final payment on the card they have listed before the new card is charged or their account is closed. All clients understand and accept this when they sign the terms and policies document at the beginning of their coaching program.

·         Clients who for one reason or another are unable to make payment on the due date of any direct debits previously been set up will be reminded ONCE to make payment, if payment has still failed access to the Julia Trask Coaching platform and coaching calls will cease until payment is made.

·         Clients who participate in every mind and body workout that they are given or who follow through on every action asked of them by Julia to help progress themselves in their business, life or health are permitted to receive their money back if they do not make any progress at all. No progress entails: no weight lost, no centimetres lost, no improved mental health, no progress in their business.

·         Clients are responsible for taking action for their own success, therefore if they choose not to respond to motivational messages, phone calls, assistance, do not attempt their workouts Julia Trask and her employees cannot be held accountable.

·         At times Julia Trask Coaching may need to increase the cost of her services due to the increase in costs past on to her by providers, she will always endeavor to give you the best price for your goals, keeping in mind the price that you paid when you first started as a client with the business.

·         Each individual will receive a tax invoice from Julia Trask Coaching for the purchase of their coaching program. Julia Trask Coaching does not yet charge tax, this is why you will not see it itemized on your receipt.

·         Affiliates are contracted employees of Julia Trask Coaching, they are just as obliged to maintain confidentiality as Julia Trask does herself. Any issues with contracted employees please do not hesitate to email directly on julia@julia-trask.com


We have never received a complaint about our coaching programs or our work online, including the way we interact with others on social media. However in the event that a complaint should arise I believe in transparency so that you, the consumer, feels like your voice is valued. I am determined to be an industry leader in health and fitness, I want to know your feedback, even if its negative.

·         In the unfortunate event that you feel dissatisfied with your service, social media interaction or otherwise please email julia@julia-trask.com and we will deal with it directly. If the concern is with myself (Julia), I would like to know first hand, therefore I encourage the criticism. I recommend that you include a constructive comment about what would make your experience better so that we can deliver coaching just as you like it.

Payment options

Sometimes you cannot pay month by month basis and I understand, life happens. I want my coaching to be accessible to as many people as possible. So, if you cannot afford a monthly payment, you can choose the following options:

·         Pay weekly- $5 extra admin fee per week but you pay ¼ of the cost of your package

·         Pay fortnightly- $10 extra admin fee per month, you pay ½ the cost of your package

Alternatively if you know that you can pay ahead of time but not in the same pattern as a week to week, fortnight to fortnight or even month to month basis I recommend you emailing me on julia@julia-trask.com or calling 0436 025 752. We can arrange payments in advance that suit your needs best.

Please note the payment options require more fees to be charged to you because I am charged more account keeping fees for more frequently processing of payments.


Individuals are not permitted to copy, distribute or use any more than 10% of any of my products including the videos attached to the virtual coaching I provide as well as the books that I sell online. Breach of copyright is taken very seriously. Individuals failing to respect my intellectual property will be dealt with in accordance to the full weight of these International copyright laws.



Individuals who partner up with Julia Trask Coaching are not permitted to discuss the event/s being organized. Failure to do so may result in their removal of an event.

Any questions please contact julia@julia-trask.com