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Julia Trask

Hello! I am Julia Trask, I am so pleased to have you here at the home of self confidence. Confidence is the one thing I have always found holds people back, working as a freelance writer and events host for London businesses I always found entrepreneurs citing a lack of confidence as the reason why they felt incapable of achieving the things they desired. As a goal getter my entire life I never really lacked the confidence to achieve my goals because I always had a plan and a desire to do whatever it takes but I fundamentally understood that self confidence required something else, a journey into the parts of yourself that are sometimes dauntingly confronting. Being self confident as opposed to confident in my abilities was something that I struggled with, like others there were things I wanted to hide, things I wanted to tell others about and parts of myself I was encouraged to keep secret. In 2015 when I was raped in London 5 weeks after moving there my life dramatically changed, hiding things didn't work, being silent kept me feeling consistently devalued. Through the self pursuit of learning I came to coaching and transformed my mind- not only had I become someone who survived but I became someone who was far more complete and confident than I was prior to the trauma. It was something that I never envisaged occurring. Once I experienced people randomly walking up to me on the street asking me 'how do I be as happy as you?' I knew I had to share my secrets. I knew people craved the freedom to be just as they are.

Admittedly it wasn't until a discussion with some European backpackers who asked me what was at the crux of the struggle of everyone I meet that I became 'The Confidence Coach'.

I'm so pleased that people will now be able to come to a safe space and develop their confidence to be boldly happy, unapologetically themselves and determined to live life on their terms.


David Viergutz

 Hello, I am David Viergutz. I am a qualified personal trainer, health coach and former police officer and army soldier. Building a relationship with my clients and helping them achieve their health and fitness goals is something I love to do. My passion is helping individuals to understand how to live life healthily in a sustainable way. Fad diets like Keto, Paleo, Atkins often ask individuals to cut major food groups allowing them to find quick results but not keep it off leaving them feeling deflated when weight creeps back on- I want people to have results for life so I focus on education, personal accountability and habits that actually work with your lifestyle long term.




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