Partner not Parent

Partner not Parent


Its modern day society, a real man gives freedom to his partner while being a contributor. He loves to have his own freedom as well as making decisions in the household, he cleans, cooks, he's a stay at home dad. There isn't one partner in the couple that parents the other; you know only allows the other to do things with permission for every.single.thing to celebrate this liberation of respecting each other more & treating each other like equals who both bring something to the dinner table Partner not Parent was brought to the Inspired Clothing range. Get yours today!

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Small size: Chest 44cm x 68cm length
Medium: Chest 50cm x 71cm length
Large: Chest 54cm x 75cm length
XLarge: Chest 58cm x 78cm length
2XL: Chest 64cm x 80cm length

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