Confidence is Freedom Children's Tee

Confidence is Freedom Children's Tee


Love who you are, embrace your strengths and weaknesses, accept that you are not perfect & feel the freedom of being human- an individual with the possibility to do whatever you want, create whatever you want when you stay true to who you are. A perfect tee to for parents to remind children about the importance of loving themselves (check out the adult version as well).

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Size 6: Width 37cm x 50cm length
Size 8: Width 39.5cm x 54cm length
Size 10: Width 42 cm x 58cm length

Please note: at this stage we have not released sizes 2, 4, 12 or 14 but they are available. Please send a SMS to 0436 025 752 to request this sizing. We will update the size runs once we detect how the current runs perform. Thanks for your understanding.