Confidence is Freedom Womens Tee

Confidence is Freedom Womens Tee


Love who you are, embrace your strengths and weaknesses, accept that you are not perfect & feel the freedom of being human- an individual with the possibility to do whatever you want, create whatever you want when you stay true to who you are. Also available in children's sizes.

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XS Size: Width 41.5cm x 67.5cm
S Size: Width 44cm x 68.5cm
M Size: Width 46.5 cm x 69.5cm
L Size: Width 49cm x 70.5 cm
XL Size: Width 53cm x 71.5cm
2XL Size: Width 56.5 cm x 72.5 cm

Please note: at this stage we have not released the extra small or larger sizes please send SMS to 0436 025 752 to request this sizing. We will update the size runs once we detect how the current runs perform. Thanks for your understanding.