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Global Goals

By 2022:

  • Positively impact 30 countries
  • Donate at least $200,000 to war refugees &  victims of trafficking
  • Run Wellness retreats in 5 destinations yearly
  • Become an industry leader for mental & physical health & wellbeing

By 2052:

  • Impact 7.5 million people globally, helping them to have high level of self love, quality relationships and a desire to give back to others.

Where I am so far 2 years in to business & 1 year after I made these goals:

  • I positively impact people in 10 countries
  • I've positively impacted 2800 individuals and counting across a variety of free & paid products and services
  • 3 Wellness Retreats are planned within the next year
  • I've just began helping individuals in the Australian Defence Force

So far I'm happy with the progress I've made. There is a long way to go but with community help and getting new people on board, and keeping this strong intention I believe I really can make a difference.

Would you like to be part of making a difference in your local area?

Contact me on to find out how.