What is confidence coaching?

Confidence coaching is a service where an individual is encouraged to uncover the habits, thought processes and behaviours that help and hinder them from being bold, assertive, happy and successful. Individuals are asked questions and complete a variety of different activities that build self awareness, love and acceptance and develop wider perceptions of life that enable them to interact in a positive way with themselves and others to build bold confidence and achieve their goals. Its premise lies in the growth mindset and positive psychology which emphasises the importance of focussing on how we can continually develop as individuals through the good and bad times.

Why do people hire a confidence coach?

People hire a Confidence Coach because they recognise their life is at a standstill, they aren’t going backwards but they also aren’t going forwards, they are sort of stuck, living in a life where things are ok but not great or where they have what they want but happiness eludes them. They also hire a Confidence Coach to help them improve their mindset, to experience more success or become more accountable to themselves by first being accountable to someone else. Many individuals love that a coach doesn't know your whole life story (even if you are known to me I don't bring this information to the session with you), doesn't judge you and are ready to attentively listen, something that many individuals don't get from their family members or friends. Some individuals also seek me out because they have experienced trauma and they need help processing what has happened to move forward in their life.

Who have you helped in the past?

How do I sign into my coaching program?

Why should I work with a life coach and not a psychologist or psychiatrist?


Since Julia Trask Coaching began I have helped business owners, single mothers, Australian Army personnel, sexual and domestic violence victims, former drug addicts, wildly successful entrepreneurs as well as individuals who have the same complaints most people do- the fear of not being enough, the fear of the unknown, the fear of being hurt, all very common fears.

When you become a client with Julia Trask Coaching you will receive a link to set up your account on our mobile app. This will give you the direct links and explicit instructions to get started with ease. You will find that for those of you on Android my app already exists as ‘Julia Trask Coaching’ and for those on iOS you will only see my logo after you have downloaded Trainerize and signed in on this app, on entry you will then see my logo. You can also log in via your computer by visiting the following website: https://juliatraskcoaching.trainerize.com


Ultimately you choose who you want to work with. I will always advocate for discussing your mindset and goals with any health professional, where a coach is different to other professions is in our approach to what we focus on. I personally focus predominantly on what is happening now so we can determine 'what next'. This involves some discovery into an individuals past but it doesn't involve staying in that point in time, at that event or reliving that pain over and over again until you move forward to the present. This is because I believe to focus on changing your reality you need to focus on what is happening NOW- when you change your now the connection you have to your past begins to change because your perception widens.