'Mind & Body' Holistic Coaching

'Mind & Body' Holistic Coaching


Transform your mind & body and become the best version of yourself by removing any thought patterns or beliefs that do not serve you. Learn how to become confident and assertive with yourself and others and develop a deep intrinsic understanding of how your relationship with yourself alters how happiness, successful and loved you feel.

This holistic coaching package provides virtual coaching of the mind and body with online life coahcing and personal training sessions delivered through the Julia Trask Coaching app. Individuals will receive:

  • Tailor made life coaching & personal training program

  • Nutrition plan approved by our resident Dietitian

  • Weekly calendar that shows all of the mind & body workouts you have completed and those yet to come

  • Ability to connect your Fitbit and other movement trackers to get very detailed information about calories consumed and burnt.

  • Access to hundreds of resources to help you achieve your goals (via our desktop version of the app)

  • 30 minute fortnightly ‘breakthrough’ phone calls for anything that you’d like to unpack ‘in person.’

  • Direct messaging capability with your coach via the app

  • Exclusive access to the Julia Trask Coaching platform

Add To Cart

The quoted price is for use of the app for 1 month. The client will be charged 3 days prior to the commencement of the subsequent month with the details previously provided. Therefore clients are required to inform us 7 days before their subsequent month if they wish to use another card for the regular payments or stop using the service. 

Sale price is for the first month, then training will return to $240/month.