Fit Happens Wellness Challenge

Fit Happens Wellness Challenge


Fit Happens is a 30 day wellness challenge beginning on November 1 that allows individuals to receive tailor made:

  • Personal training

  • Mindset/confidence coaching via Zoom

  • Nutrition plans

Individuals who sign up for the challenge have a consultation with their coach about their goals via Skype, then they are provided with access to the mobile app, Julia Trask Coaching, where their bespoke personal training program and nutrition plan will be accessible 24hours a day 7 days a week while they are participating in the challenge. Individuals will also be able to contact their coach 6 days/week (you are welcome to message on Sundays you will just have to wait for a response till Monday) via the direct messaging system on the app or via email. Every week there will be a group coaching session that address the mindset issues raised in the initial consultation. These will be presented as content that everyone needs to hear so each client gets what they need without being singled out (unless they choose to). Clients will get a recorded copy of this mindset coaching session in case they were unable to make it, or in the event they want to listen to the mindset tips again. When clients participate in every workout and mindset coaching session they will receive $50 of their investment back at the end of the challenge as a celebration of the commitment they made to themselves across the 30 days.

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Julia Trask Coaching takes no responsibility for any medical history that is not disclosed during the initial consultation or for any lack of transparency during the training phase from clients should there be any injury caused by continuing a program without the regard for the current state of health. Participants are obligated to inform us of any information that relates to the undertaken activities including any mental health concerns (eg current mental health plans etc).