HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY! It is time to celebrate all that is female, our fabulous femininity, our ability to lead, to empathise with others, to communicate our emotional responses to life. We really are different to men in the most beautiful of ways, our difference doesn't make us weak as some would like to suggest but rather incredibly strong. Over centuries women have been working to create positive change, to have a greater voice, to have rights like men do simply because we are human, to be respected as people instead of pieces of meat or entertainment accessories. There is still room to grow. 

This past year alone we have seen the entertainment industry learn for the first time (at least in the most serious manner) that sexual assault and harassment cases are not one of instances but rather insidious batches of power abusive relationships. Every woman in the #metoo movement has proven what I already know to be true through my own personal experience- getting a woman to forget about her value is near impossible. One woman will always talk and in a world where gross violations of women happen in greater epidemic numbers than the common cold one voice is where the revolution can begin. I am so proud that it began last year and has continued into this year.

For this year's celebration of International Women's Day I am extremely excited to announce that you will see via this very blog a series of posts about women who are making a difference in the world in their own unique way. Two of these women have been interviewed by me as a reminder of just how powerful women can lead others to create a life they adore motivated by the belief that their gender does not make them anything less or more than men, simply fantastic examples of humanity. Those that are not interviewed are simply women that have inspired me. Please enjoy the blog posts that are to follow. If you like them I encourage you to comment and share amongst your friends and family members, don't forget to tag us in your post as well with the hashtag #empoweredbyjt.

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Enjoy being inspired.