What is your legacy?

What is your legacy?

Is your legacy something that can be seen or is it only something that is talked about?

Society is SO focused on SPEAKING we forget the reality that actions have always be louder than words.

Recently I lost a friend who was a Vietnam War Veteran. He was very much a community man, also my neighbour for my whole childhood. He always gave back to the RSL, the Australian AirForce and so many other worthwhile causes. When we buried Russ last week there was no mistaking what his legacy was- to help others. He helped others suffering with PTSD like he was. He always stay connected to his mates from the AirForce. He was a giving gentleman who put others above himself many times.

Saying goodbye got me thinking about my legacy. I have massive goals (just check out my Global Goals) and I have started making headwind on the huge numbers of people I’d like to impact around the globe. I’m also a long way from achieving some of those goals for the moment. I’d love to leave a legacy about confidence, self-love and kindness. I am committed to making it happen but it’s the actions people will look at when I too pass away some day. In my personal life I want to leave a legacy for my children (when they come) to love themselves, to be healthy, to be bold, to be kind to others and never think their goals aren’t unattainable. I know when it comes to healthiness I’m well on my way because my niece and nephews always want to follow on my virtual personal training and do a 4 or 6 year old’s version (it’s so darn cute!) and that makes me feel good. But I know that doing something for a few years won’t leave a legacy, doing it for life will.

So, I ask the same of you…what do you need to be committed to for life so that you can leave a legacy without speaking about it? How do your actions teach your children, relatives, the public what you want people to learn from you?

Sometimes the greatest motivator to achieving success is knowing that we are doing something for ourselves that will also show others how to do it for themselves. Sometimes knowing that we want a particular legacy left behind but we haven’t taken action can be the thing that moves us to act.

Who are you leaving a legacy for and can they see what your legacy is?


Till next time,


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