Why you should be a big kid & 10 ways to unleash the inner child!


How many of you would say that your life is jam packed full of fun? How many of you would say that you excel at ‘adulting?’ Personally I believe that adulting is a super wanky (excuse my French) way to say ‘I am super responsible and fairly boring’. Life isn’t about proving how responsible you are, life is meant to be enjoyed. Life is meant to be FUN. How are you enjoying your life?

Playfulness is a skill. It allows us to stay youthful, flexible and childlike. MarIt means we can … Here are 10 ways to unleash the inner child.

Playfulness is a skill. It allows us to stay youthful, flexible and childlike. Maria Lugones (Psychology Today) describes playfulness in her paper Playfulness, ‘World’-Traveling, and Loving Perception as being open to being a fool, not worry about being capable or competent, not being self- important or considering normal behaviours as sacred. In others words playfulness is about LETTING GO and actively enjoying the moment, completely, fully and with no anxiety about how you will be received or perceived by others. It is delighting in precious moments. I believe many adults forget playfulness as they grow older, substituting it for dangerous risk taking, like binge drinking or drug consumption. Wouldn't the world be an insanely better place if adults let go a little and unleashed their inner child to get a healthy high on life? Would it create a passion they wouldn't feel the need to escape from? I certainly think so. As a result I've compiled 10 ways you can unleash the inner child and get playful. Have fun with this!

10 ways to unleash the inner child.

1.       Run in the sprinkler

2.       Go to the supermarket or the corner store in your pyjamas

3.       Have a sleepover in the lounge room

4.       Wrestle your partner/friend

5.      Play dress ups- favourite superhero completely permitted.

6.       Make a cubby or fort and watch movies in it with a friend or partner

7.       Dance in public

8.       Sing in the shower

9.       Cut your sandwiches into triangles or mini squares

10.   Walk around in your undies/swimwear all day.

11. Dive on your bed instead of walking up to it at night.

12. Play with Lego, board games or other non- technological games. Why non tech? It'll take you back to your childhood more.

13. Have dessert for dinner.

14. Go camping in your backyard.

15. Build a sandcastle at the beach or make your own sand race car.

16. Buy a colouring in book and lie on the floor and get busy.

Would you like to share your childish moments? Post them on Instagram with the hashtag #empoweredbyjt so I can check them out!

I look forward to seeing you embrace the childlike spirit. Remember your life is as serious as you make it, whenever your feel like 'adulting' is taking over the fun make a conscious decision to inject some more playfulness into your life.

Till next time,

Julia xo