An unexpected challenge

Hello! I thought I’d pop in here and share my latest news with you. Aside from simply wanting to update you on what is going on in Jules’ sphere I want to talk to you about an unexpected challenge that was thrown my way just yesterday.

First I want to start by saying that today is an important day for me. Today marks 4 years since my life changed completely, where I would come to learn a few short weeks later that trauma would be the catalyst for epic transformation in my life. Every year on this very day I normally stay off my computer, off social media and I go and have an adventure, I rewrite new memories, its something that I choose to do as a yearly reminder of living. That might seem a little weird but to me travelling, exploring, doing something different is living. Last year I went to Sydney, this year since I’ve been back working in my hometown in Boyne Island, Central Queensland I am heading to Rockhampton for the day to see the things I don’t normally see- in other words I’m not just going for the good shopping we don’t have in Gladstone. I’m looking forward to a roadtrip with my Mum especially since we’ve missed the opportunity to do our annual mother daughter trip together for a few years while I lived overseas. I wanted to share with you that I do this because I know there will be people reading my blog who have experienced emotional pain and trauma and they often get to ‘that day’ and they don’t know what to do with it. It often leaves a bad taste in their mouth and perhaps even flares up every one of their senses. Trust me I understand what it is like. However if you are one of these people who have a dreaded day of pain, trauma or grief I encourage you to give yourself a gift of life. Rewrite the day as a day where you choose what happens, what you hear, see, smell, touch and feel. Some of my best moments on this day have been closing my eyes and pointing to a location on a train timetable and ‘just going’. The thrill of doing something different releases a wave of positive emotion and channels your thoughts and feelings into something that serves you. So give it a try and let me know how you experience the day.

When I look back over the past 4 years its incredibly interesting because I see a path of growth, of transformation and change and yes I see the times where I was sad, where I had breakthroughs and ahh ha moments, where friendships, relationships, work, fun and my relationship with myself changed fundamentally. I was thinking about this while essentially doing my own karaoke session in the car yesterday. A few years ago when someone had asked me the lyrics to a song I didn’t have the confidence to sing the words even if it was my most favourite song and I played it 20 times per day. But now if my family or friends don’t know the lyrics I sing to them. It seems like such a small insignificant detail but its one that shows a shift in major shift confidence. Little things like this is just one of the examples I have for myself in my Rolodex of memories when I look back over the past 4 years in particular, and its why I don’t get sad anymore. Its why I am at peace with this day. I want that same peace for other people who are hurting, so please reach out & book a consultation with me if you want some support to rewrite how you feel right now.

Outside of today and what it means to me I’ve been quite busy. I recently returned from Sydney to Boyne Island to spend time with my family and while I get some support through 2 upcoming surgeries. One for my knee that I damaged going a little too Jackie Chan kickboxing on a heavy bag and another to remove a fibroid in my uterus. Its been a different experience because I’m experiencing my small town without a car (I sold it when I moved to Sydney as it was an extra I didn’t need) and there is no public transport. However I am extremely pleased to have the kindness of others around me. Since I returned to my hometown I decided to pick up some teaching to help pay for what will be $11,000 of medical bills. The first day I stepped back into the classroom I wasn’t sure I would remember how to do my job however 11 years in the profession quickly came flooding back. I’ve got to say I’ve been enjoying it.

Teaching really is a fabulous career. I always maintain that coaching helps you to be a better teacher and it is 100% true. You can connect with student needs far better than traditional approaches to behaviour management and welfare, you build rapport easier and as a result you get better outcomes for those you work with. However I cannot deny that as a career teaching adds so much incredible value to any other career. When I look over the past 4 years, the initial stages of getting into business, beginning as a coach, the organisation in and around business the skills that best equipped me for that was teaching. I don’t believe there is another career outside of entrepreneurship that prepares you for the chaotic timetabling of life where prioritisation and self care is a complete necessity. I’m grateful to step back into teaching and see how beneficial its been providing me with so much more than a pedagogical approach to learning. This week business and teaching has helped me to focus my mind while waiting for my final medical test results. I’m glad that I was busy to not allow my thoughts to create a lot of scenarios in my head because that is what I do as a big thinker. Nonetheless yesterday I got my results and another unexpected challenge.

I don’t think anyone likes unexpected challenges. I have had my fair share lately. With the surgeries I’ve been able to see the benefit of having both easily and have been grateful for modern day medicine that gives such incredible turn around rates for recovery. But this next challenge I’m still processing. I know I will get through it because I’ve dealt with numerous challenges over the past 4 years and I have a wealth of knowledge to pull from to help me through this one, that’s the greatest reward for dealing with your struggles in life- less struggle later on. So I know in time I’ll come to process (its even easier today than yesterday) the news that I have only 50% chance of being able to conceive a child. I am incredibly grateful that I don’t have any conditions that have lead to this, or any other conditions that could hinder me keeping a child when I do fall pregnant and again I’m grateful for modern medicine like IVF that quite possibly could become my reality when I do want to conceive. For the moment though I’m trying to process a little, the first way I processed was by crying, the second was by writing this post and getting how I feel out of my head. I can already sense by the end of the day I’ll have 10 solutions for ways to conceive and possibly an eBook created (haha) because I am a stubborn ass who finds a way to have what she wants. This is the message that I want to share with you today.

When you face an unexpected challenge find a way to succeed or ask someone for help. Today I’m asking you, if you have any messages of support or any advice I’d love for you to comment below as this is another way I know I will succeed at overcoming this challenge just like I overcome my greatest hurdle 4 years ago. Thanks for reading, have a blessed day.

Jules xo