Take nothing for granted

Have you ever been sick and just thought 'when will this all end?' Sometimes you can get so hung up on what isn't going right at the moment that you forget to count your blessings. This is why I adore gratitude. To take nothing for granted though we need to appreciate things in the present. This post is a short and sweet reminder to do just that. Watch you life expand when you recognise all the wonderful things that you DO have right here and now. Here's how to take nothing for granted.

1. Appreciate the little things in life that seemingly work so perfectly without you even thinking about it. Respect and be grateful for your health.

2. Look at relationships you DO have and cherish what you love about them.

3. Think about your career, what provisions it provides you to do things you love to do, to be fit and healthy, to own things you want to own. Consider how your career has helped you grow as a person.

4. Love the finances you DO have. It's easy to want more but funnily enough science proves that the more money you have the less disposable income you have, so love where you are at now whilst planning to move forward (if that's your goal)

5. Appreciate the situations you have experienced, all of them have taught you something. Remember those situations that seemed to come together inexplicably so well timed and how they blessed your life. Think about the negative things and how they were in time gave you massive positives.

6. Focus on what you have and who you are and don't take it for granted, remember it can all be lost in second.

7. Make time for people and difficult conversations if you care about them, time is how most people see their value.

8. Pause and look at life, smell the roses, dance in the rain, SLOW down, don't be in a rush to be a fabulous multitasker, learn to do one thing once well and then move on, you'll appreciate it more.


I hope this helps you to live intentionally today and through the rest of the week.


Till next time,


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