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How is confidence and pride the same but different?

Confidence is the innate knowledge of who you are, what you offer and being unafraid of the fact that you make mistakes.

Pride is about feeling happy with what you have accomplished and who you are.

Thinking about these definitions how do you now think about the phrase:

Pride comes before a fall.

It gets you to think doesn’t it?

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12 signs you are lacking confidence

Confidence is often mistaken in others especially those who are extroverted or seem to have it ‘all going on’. Often bold confidence is described as something you either have or haven’t got, kind of like the X Factor minus the singing. It is something that draws others to you without any effort on your part, trying to conjure up this kind of confidence is tough if you haven’t done the inner work to love yourself first. So how do you know what to work on so you can get some help breaking through your current confidence level so you attract bigger and better things in your life & feel comfortable where you are at? Here are my top 12 signs you are lacking confidence.

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10 Ways to let out your emotions

'I have had enough of this, just leave me alone!'

'I don't want to hang out with people who cannot treat me probably. I'm over it!


These are the phrases we often hear ourselves saying when we have had a gutful. Expressing your emotions is vital for your mental health however there comes a time when you will need to choose to hold on to those emotions or let them go.

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