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Negative gearing: how it can improve your health

When most people plan their goals they usually plan forwards, its understandable given that we associate success with stepping forward but how do we know how to achieve our end result? How do we know how to really make it possible? Negative gearing allows you to accomplish your goals in a simpler more motivating fashion meaning you’re more likely to repeat the process of goal setting in the future.

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I broke up with my mobile phone

Two weeks ago, I decided to break up with my mobile phone. It was necessary, it didn’t understand how much it was intruding on my time. Apple wanted to intrude on my conversations with others, my meal times, my privacy in the shower and toilet, it even wanted to be the last one I said good night to and the first one I saw in the morning. Apple was so damn needy and I bought into it. I hated it.

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