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The year that was & the year that will be

Around Christmas I always feel a wave of nostalgia as I discuss with friends and family what happened over the year. The effect is probably increased by the television segments of ‘2018 in News’ which showcase our Prime Minister changing 4 times, royal weddings & the private life of Karl Stefanovic, just to boost the ratings of shows that wouldn’t survive without it. Whether its news scripts or chats with loved ones I love looking back on what was and reflecting about the greatest moments, the greatest fails and the biggest surprises before moving on to the new year. So here is my 2018 recap.

2018 was a year I could describe in one word- TRUST.

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Christmas Magic

Miracle on 34th Street is a story about a little girl who believes in Santa Claus while some adults don't, mainly Susan's mum. Santa is criticised, often described as 'fake, ridiculous, something not worth believing in because it let's you down'. In my very adult opinion, I believe many people have this exact attitude towards the positive mindset

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The business mindset

I started building my business in 2015, bit by bit the Julia Trask brand was created. I had successes and failures, amongst it all I learnt how different the business mindset is compared to anything else. You move from epic highs to epic lows and all the while you never lose your passion because you know 'this thing I'm doing IS what I am meant to be doing.'

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Why you should be a big kid & 10 ways to unleash the inner child!

How many of you would say that your life is jam packed full of fun? How many of you would say that you excel at ‘adulting?’ Personally I believe that adulting is a super wanky (excuse my French) way to say ‘I am super responsible and fairly boring’. Life isn’t about proving how responsible you are, life is meant to be enjoyed. Life is meant to be FUN. How are you enjoying your life?

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Why journaling is a self care tool you need!

'I need to get this off my chest. It's really bugging me but what if they think I'm crazy when I tell them how I really feel?' You've probably said this phrase before, if not aloud you've said it to yourself. We often crave a confidante who we can share our secrets with, to offload how we feel because we know that we when do this we will feel 1000x better than before however we frequently worry about how we will be received by the person we talk to. This is why I love journaling (and that I'm that confidante for people when they need it). 

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How capable are you?

Capability is your ability to perform. This can be your ability to perform academically, socially, professionally, financially, physically and sexually. How capable you consider yourself to be depends on who you listen to. When you listen to anyone other than yourself you will define your capabilities based on someone else’s version of success

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Inferiority is a choice

Maybe I am meant to feel inferior as a woman but I have to tell you, I don't. It's not because I haven't felt my fair share of criticism or judgement for being considered less than I am its simply because I know I am no less than anyone. Over International Women's Week this past week I have enjoyed interviewing a couple of women about how they positively impact the world, I have looked back and laughed on the moments I was underestimated and what I've revelled in is the reality that I don't feel small because I have never believed in playing small.

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The Cancer Warrior- Cielo Superticioso

The first superwoman to feature as part of this International Women's Week celebration is Cielo Superticioso, a passionate teacher who kicks cancer's glutes with positive advocacy in her spare time. I am so pleased to have interviewed her for this International Women's week and to give her a shout out right here where I encourage people daily to 'inspire yourself' to be the best you can be. 

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10 ways to enjoy your life

Today I am 32! 32! How incredible! I have always loved birthdays and made a big deal about them, encouraged others to do the same. I've spent my birthday in different countries experiencing new things, this year I am glad to be having a quiet birthday doing what I love most- writing, spending time with friends and enjoying the simple things. I won't lie though birthdays make me teary. When I reflect and I see all the things I love about my life and the people in it there is so much to love. This is why its a great conscious decision to sit today and write to my followers, clients, friends and family. Right here is where all the things I love about come together, rolled up into one awesome career filled with incredible breakthroughs of happiness and success. So today, to celebrate my birthday and all the fabulous ones to come I'm sharing my top tips for life. Enjoy.

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10 Ways to let out your emotions

'I have had enough of this, just leave me alone!'

'I don't want to hang out with people who cannot treat me probably. I'm over it!


These are the phrases we often hear ourselves saying when we have had a gutful. Expressing your emotions is vital for your mental health however there comes a time when you will need to choose to hold on to those emotions or let them go.

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