Being my own example

I’m doing my own program.

On July 22 I had surgery to remove a fibroid that almost filled my entire uterus. It went well but everything around that process has brought to the forefront of my mind again the importance of consistent, continual work on your confidence.


Often people say to their friends and family members, ‘Why don’t you take your own advice?’ It’s often responded with a loud silence.

I encourage my clients to take their own advice and listen to their voice, trusting in their intuition and loving themselves in the process to keep their confidence where they want it to be. Because the reality is confidence isn’t a point you achieve and you stay at, it isn’t a dress size, it isn’t a certain number of business clients or income, it isn’t a relationship with someone.

Confidence is constantly impacted by life, the way we respond to our challenges and our successes; how we show ourself and others our true worth everyday.


I’ve been challenged recently.

Would I become a mother? Would I need to change the definition of what success as a women means to me if surgery didn’t go well? Yes. Yes I would.

Will I still feel sexy to myself with 3 extra scars on my body? Will I feel sexy to someone else? Yes. Yes if I see it the right way.

Can I forgive myself for the hidden lack of acceptance I’ve had for not being able to workout as I would have liked in the past 6months? Can I forgive myself for letting myself down? Yes I can. Not accepting is denial. Not accepting means I cannot do anything about it.


Currently I’m not where I want to be physically.

I have to wear ‘fat pants’ & I don’t like the dimples on my legs.

I can’t sit down easily due to abdo surgery and I have bruising that makes me look less than desirable in swimwear.

I’ve enjoyed eating all my get well chocolates from loved ones wayyy too much. But I’m not punishing myself for that I’m simply saying- ok no more second easters😂


Emotionally, spiritually, mentally I am tough. I am meditating multiple times daily, I spend time on myself for myself, I invest in myself regularly with personal development, massages, me time. I spend time surrounded by positive people who want to be their best self and help others. My faith is growing, I am financially secure & my business is in a better place than it’s been for a very long time.


While I am resilient and tough I know that sometimes I am too tough for my own good though.

You see 1 of my 8 dimensions of health is out of whack. ONE. But sometimes I often behave like it’s the only aspect of me that matters. I forget the other 7 I have down pat.

Being tough on myself doesn’t help me to change where I’m at by tomorrow it makes me feel worse for today.

Being tough on myself doesn’t serve a purpose here.

Focusing on just my physical appearance is a sign I’ve stopped listening to myself a little and let society’s mind instead of mine takeover when it comes to health and wellbeing. Its reduces me to just a body shape and not a human being and that’s not ok.


We all have these moments when we are out of sync with our best selves slightly and we need to remember that how we feel and who we are is up to us. If you find yourself feeling uncomfortable with yourself because you let yourself down (and not the world), take some time to reset and think about what you need to do to change that space. Act out of positivity not pain and change the space.


Over the next 12 weeks I’ll be sharing moments of my efforts towards getting back to where I want to be. It won’t just be about the physical, it will be about how I balance it all and find harmony when life pulls in different directions. You are invited to follow my journey on social media and partake in your own ‘shift the sh*z’ posts.


You can find my journey here: and under the hashtag #myownexample


Thanks for reading, remember to be kind to yourself.


Love Julia