My confident fashion items

Every woman loves to look and feel good but there are a few things that make you feel superhuman. Today I share my superhuman products (please note this is NOT an affiliate post).

1. Bold statement lip colour.
I adore how the right colour makes your face pop and draws attention to your smile. I have way too many statement colours and I'm sure I'll keep buying more because I love how you cannot, not give attention to someone's face when they are boldly saying 'look at me' in bold tones. Here are my personal favourites. 

2. Heels
Hello calves! Walking tall in made utterly fabulous in heels. I simply adore how amazing they make your legs look and I'm a firm believer that if you want to rock a heel in the day time you can! Its about how you feel not others- after all have you ever heard of someone who had a go t someone who was honestly, humbly confident? No, that's right. So rock it. Check these fabulous heels out.

3. Statement nails.
There's something about fingernails clicking on a keyboard or complementing your cutest outfit that I adore. I used to spend thousands a year on shellac, now I don't. Home gel (like Revlon gel) is my go to and its easy to take off so I can statement nail change 5 times a week if I like! Yes! These are my favourite nail styles & some I've done myself.

What fashion items or products make you feel insanely cute and invincible at the same time? I'd love to hear about it.