2 books that will change your life

There are MILLIONS of books that you can read anywhere in the world but if you could pick just 2 books that would change your life dramatically these two books below are the golden books. This of course until my next book is published and then there will be 3. Please read what each of these are about and for goodness sakes at least get yourself a sample from iBooks. I have had countless coaching clients, friends and family members who have had their lives changed by these books. Can't buy them? Well thank goodness for libraries and free loans. But seriously, if you are not reading these 2 books you are missing out on a WEALTH of knowledge so get reading and tell me how they impacted your life!

5 Love Languages by Dr Gary Chapman

The 5 Love Languages is a book that will explain to you why you feel as though your loved ones don't understand you at times, why you feel unloved. It explores the 5 ways which individuals like to be shown love and how they also express love most easily. It discusses how often in relationships two partners have different love languages so they unintentionally upset each other by showing love in the way they like to feel it as opposed to the way their partners wants to experience it. Therefore when you read this book you will understand how you want people to love you, how to ask for it, how to identify the love language of your nearest and dearest and how you can continually make them feel loved because you now, finally  understand what 'makes them tick.' You'll stop giving gifts of flowers to your wife when she really wants you to do the dishes on a regular basis instead, you'll stop telling your man 'you're tired and his whims can wait till your always feeling in the mood' because you realise if he doesn't experience physical touch he doesn't feel loved in his week. You'll change your relationship virtually overnight. If you are a single person for the first time ever you'll actually be able to tell someone how you like to be loved and why sentimental things just don't cut it for you. This awareness will enable those around you to know how to please you, giving an immense amount of freedom to any potential relationship. The singles you're trying to attract? You'll actually be able to (after several dates and actually getting to know them properly) meet their need which means they will be happier and you'll become far more irresistible than anyone they've ever had.

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Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

Man I ADORE  this book. There have been many books over time that talk about dating rules and so forth but few that actually discuss why its important to understand the fundamental differences of men and women and the vital need to maintain a difference. Some people may read this book and feel jarred by it because modern society is pushing feminist approaches and let's be honest, most feminists that we hear about more often than not are those who are trying to tarnish every man with the same brush which quite frankly, even as a feminist myself I ardently detest. Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus is the book to read right now because it talks about the necessity for masculine and feminine energy and for the role of men and women (in an empowering way) to be maintained, to me that message needs to be heard loud and clear especially as society is trying to raise children as 'neutral gender'. This book explains the reality that without masculine and feminine energy being encouraged and there being a fundamental difference between the sexes for all the greatness that both genders have, sexless relationships will become more common, divorce will increase but more importantly than that individuals worldwide will stop being able to be connected to one another. Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus gives great insight into what men and women do that annoy the hell out of each other, increasing emotional intelligence and reducing the reactivity that the opposite sexes can tend to have with each other. Put simply- if you aren't reading this book, you understand the opposite sex and your partner far less than you like and they are probably screaming at you internally to just drop the pride and reading the frigging thing. 

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So there you have it 2 books that will change your life. The self help genre is jam packed full of different texts to help you do this or that but these books they are timeless, consistently effective and the reason why is this:

  • Human psychology doesn't change irrespective of how much society does. The same concerns and fears people had years ago (not being loved, not being enough, not being appreciated etc) they are universal and will remain universal.
  • Being understood and loved will always remain the greatest need for individuals so there's no reason to follow rules for dating, look at signs for why someone shouldn't love you or make anything more complicated, just focus on the positives and make understanding and love be something you can give yourself and others.

Thanks so much for reading this I'd love for you to share the quotes or learnings you have received from these incredible books. Please leave any comments. If you have any other books that you feel really changed your life as well please leave their titles and I'll check them out.

Till next time,

Julia xo