Socially conscious boss babe Lucy Bloomfield is making a difference

The second lady I interviewed for International Women's Week was boss babe Lucy Bloomfield. This fabulous woman has some serious goal kicking in motion and some insanely great advice. You'll love this post! Don't forget to check out the work that she does, having a confident photography shoot is a great way to celebrate the awesome person you are any time of the year not just around special holidays or occasions like International Women's week! 

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Hey, my name is Lucy Bloomfield!


Where are you from?
I hail from Australia originally, but I travel almost constantly now so I say “homeless”.


Self-employed, have been for quite a few years. First in design and programming, then running an eCommerce business and now consulting other businesses on their retention.


How do you positively impact the world?
Funnily enough, I closed my company down that was making a positive impact in people’s lives because of the negative impact on the environment. We were sending hundreds of thousands of plastic packets out into the world, which I knew I had to stop doing if I really wanted to help the environment. it was one of the biggest and most difficult decisions I’ve ever had to make, but I’m glad I did.


How do you empower women?
Good question. Three years ago I started a company called Trefiel, which sold luxury plant-based sheet masks. We helped more than 10,000 women around the world see incredible results with their skin fast and squeeze in more me-time while they’re at it. Through that business, I started talking about self-care and self-love and helping my customers see themselves for the incredible women they are.


Why do you love being female?
There is something so soft and sensual about women’s bodies which is why I love photographing myself and them in my spare time. It’s also amazing to wake up every morning filled with so much love and compassion for the world, I never know what to do with it all.


What's the best part of working for your passion as opposed to what you feel you 'should' have done according to society?
Another great question. I couldn’t keep working in the industries I was working in (hospitality, retail, law). I felt my soul suffocating and my creativity withering in the day-to-day corporate grind. I physically couldn’t be happy in any of these jobs, no matter how hard I tried, and it wasn’t until I decided to do my own thing and figure it out that I felt what it was like to be truly happy with the way I spend my working hours. 

There are still days where I drag myself to the computer and it’s usually because I’m scared of attempting to wrangle a massive project I’m working on or I’m procrastinating on something I need to do, but knowing that it all comes down to me gives me freedom to make that choice every single day. I don’t care that I work 7 days a week. I just love it.


Who is your greatest role model and why?

I think it’s unhealthy to idolise one person because everyone has different strengths and weaknesses. As far as big names go, I would say the person I lean towards most is Jordan Peterson, a clinical psychologist based in Toronto. He released his latest book “12 Rules for Life - An antidote to chaos” which was a difficult but profound read. 

Closer to home, I’ve come to realise how incredible the women in my family are and how much respect I have for them. They’ve taught me more about being a woman, a good communicator and a human being than any other person outside of my family has.


What's one thing you believe society needs to know about women?
We’re stronger than you think and just because you get the last say, doesn’t mean you won. 


If there was 1 thing you could change in society with the click of a finger what would it be?
Remove all of the cruelty from the meat industry. This will be my entire life’s work and perhaps I won’t even achieve it before I die, but I’m working my hardest to make this happen.


Who would play you in a feature film of your personal life?
Haha! My friend’s say there’s a Bollywood actress that looks exactly like me, so I’d say her.


What is something you would tell your 13 year old self with the knowledge you have now?
When someone criticises you, agree with it - it’s most likely true - but you can make your own decision about whether it’s something you’re willing to work on and change.


Where can you find me
My photography is on Instagram - @lucy_bloomfield
You can read more about my work -
And connect with me on LinkedIn -