A mountain or a mole hill: how to deal with life's hurdles

How do you deal with hurdles when they come?

Life is full of little hurdles. No one can expect that life isn’t going to throw them a few bumps along the way, the way we deal with them is totally dependent on our mindset. So, what are effective ways to deal with these mind hurdles? Here’s my top tips.

1.       Don’t focus on the hurdle. It is easy to talk about the hurdle to the point where you are completely consumed by it. However, this does not help you to overcome it. Try to focus on where you want to be instead of the hurdle until your headspace calms allowing you the space to be able to process what has happened and what solutions may work to solve the problem.

2.       Stop believing that the hurdle is some weird way of the universe ‘punishing’ you for previous choices. Yes there is such a thing as The Law of Attraction and what we put out we get back but we are also meant to have hurdles to see what we are made of, it isn’t to punish us. So take it as a challenge that allows you to show off how badass you are.

3.       Exercise. Moving our body can help clear our mind faster, it also helps to produce endorphins which help our mindset so it is quite an effective strategy if you are particularly frustrated.

4.       Take advice from people who have been in the exact same place as you OR someone who has an understanding of human behaviour (like a life coach!). The tendency is for people to take advice from anyone they know however if a person has no experience in the very thing you need help with it actually hinders rather than helps you.

5.       Look for the lesson in the hurdle. Is there something you are learning about your toughness, about relationships, situations or otherwise? How can this hurdle benefit you? Asking what you can gain from a negative situation can help reframe the experience for you allowing you to approach it as a pebble instead of a boulder.

6.       Take deep breaths. For those of who you are clients, access the meditation or mindfulness videos in the Julia Trask Coaching app and you’ll get there asap.

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