Why journaling is a self care tool you need!

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'I need to get this off my chest. It's really bugging me but what if they think I'm crazy when I tell them how I really feel?' You've probably said this phrase before, if not aloud you've said it to yourself. We often crave a confidante who we can share our secrets with, to offload how we feel because we know that we when do this we will feel 1000x better than before however we frequently worry about how we will be received by the person we talk to. This is why I love journaling (and that I'm that confidante for people when they need it). Journaling allows us to positively express our emotions whenever we like. There is no judgement, its all about us and therefore it is a necessary selfish act of self loving kindness. 

I have kept a journal for years and I have fond memories of the variety of memories and emotions that my journals have share with me over the years....and haven't spilled to anyone else. In fact I enjoy journaling so much that if I feel disconnected to myself I stop what I am doing and spend time journaling and then unsurprisingly Jules is back. I want people to know what this feeling is like so I have put together a list of 21 journal ideas to help you develop journaling as a self care tool that's part of your regular routine. You can complete these in any order but the idea is to stick to one journal entry per day for 21 days, until science suggests you have had enough time to solidify a new habit as a routine. So give it a go! I'd love to hear about how you go!

21 Journal ideas

1. Best schooling memory

2. The day you met that special someone

3. The funniest moment in my life

4. How I would describe last week

5. What my perfect life would look like and why

6. How my family makes me feel

7. The best feeling I’ve ever had

8. A sense of accomplishment you felt

9. What confuses you the most

10. What I’d like to change if I knew where to start

11. An event you’d like to have happened differently and why

12. The moment when you realised just how confident you are

13. The killer ass outfit and ‘that’ moment where people took notice.

14. An odd encounter with someone

15. What you saw when you went people watching for a day

16. How much life is different compared to a year ago

17. Advice you’d tell young children

18. The way you want your painful history to be told

19. How you’d like to be remembered and how you have started showing people this in real life

20. A moment when you became utterly disappointed and disillusioned

21. A life lesson you’ll always remember (and you think others should remember also).

Struggle writing your journal or would like to learn more about how it can positively impact your health? Sign up for my 5 day journal challenge today.