How to start travelling: tips for the novice traveller

Are you just starting out your time as an international traveller? Not sure what are the best pieces of advice? Becoming a little overwhelmed from all the travel tips out there? I understand. I recall the first time I travelled overseas to London. I took notice of hundreds of different pieces of advice, so much so that I ended up carrying all bar the kitchen sink with me. The lead up to my trip became an extremely stressful series of extended checklists. Now with 26 countries under my belt I have created my own pieces of advice that help the journey from planning to execution less stressful. 

1. If you can prevent it travel without a carry on bag. Take a handbag only. This is especially important if you have a stopover. Carrying a large suitcase, a carry on and a handbag is like juggling 3 balls at once on an unnecessary hassle. 


2. Don't carry a tablet. Most new aeroplanes are fitted with entertainment centres with tablet like capabilities; use this to your advantage.


3. Buy a memory foam neck pillow. No more worrying about little foam balls moving, rest peacefully!


4. Take snacks from your home country. If you are travelling solo this makes the transition nicer.


5. Research whether countries have the same products as your home country. For example: the UK does NOT sell rigid sports strapping tape (crazy right?! They say they sell it but its flimsy dodgy rubbish fabric or kinetic tape for a hefty price and only in small widths. 


6. Use TransferWise NOT your banking institution to transfer funds from your home country to the new country you are living in. Very very few major banking organisations have decent rates for international transfers so it's simply not worth changing it over.


7. Check to see whether you can update your drivers licence, car registration (if you are still keeping your car) and any other registrations online, set them up before hand.


8. Organise your tax account before you leave, even if it's just after the last financial year. This way when the new financial year is over you can call them once in your home country and say 'please complete my tax return'. Most accountants can send you the paperwork to sign electronically, meaning you can access your tax refund cash whilst you are travelling!


9. Get a doctor within the first couple of days of moving abroad. It will make things a lot easier when you contract all the viruses of the new country you are living in and trust will. No one wants to wait a couple of weeks for a doctor when that happens.


10. Have no ties to your mobile phone company in your home country. Most countries (certainly the UK and Australia) have better deals as prepaid customers than as customers on plans, swap to a prepaid in the lead up to your trip and take an unlocked phone overseas.

11. Create a TIME-SENSITIVE checklist before your move. Do NOT leave everything to the last 3weeks (especially if you are moving abroad for a long period of time), you won't have time to complete everything without getting stressed.


12. Think you need $10,000 for your trip? Take $13,000. You'll want the buffer when your new employer doesn't pay you on time or other unexpected bills pop up. It's better to save harder at first and be less stressed then to freak out and need more money in a hurry. 


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