How to keep the cruise feeling after the journey

Hello hello!

I have returned from the Whitsundays & I have to say it was a seriously amazing holiday. After almost a year of no holidays all I needed was a break away with no internet reception and no laptop and I loved every minute of it. I counted down the days till my P&O cruise since I booked way back in February on a $1 deposit so when the time arrived to sail away on Tuesday October 2, I couldn’t quite believe it. In fact I was considering having a pre-holiday holiday to ensure that I was definitely going to be relaxed and not thinking about business at all (don’t get me wrong I love my business but holidays are so important). Within 10 minutes of boarding the Pacific Dawn I was laying back on a sunbed and saying ‘why haven’t I done 3 more of these cruises already this year?’ I totally didn’t need a pre-holiday holiday. With all said and done though and the cruise over with now one thing is crystal clear: I need more chilled out cruise vibes in my regular week, I figure you might too, so I am sharing my tips to keep the cruisy feels going.

  1. Leave the phone at home. Often.

  2. Read a book (and make a plan to do it in at least 1 month at the most)

  3. Use a real camera and not your mobile phone.

  4. Eat at the dinner table with a planned menu you’ve thought about well in advance.

  5. Drink as and when you feel like it (don’t care if it’s before midday).

  6. Embrace your body whether people know you or not.

  7. Turn up to events just to check it out for something different not because others are going.

  8. Splurge on self care (get that massage booked!)

  9. Buy that fun item you cannot stop thinking about

  10. Stop planning every moment and go with the flow! It creates more opportunities and its far more fun!