How to be happy

Happiness is not a pinnacle moment we suddenly achieve it is an emotion that we choose to feel over others. We choose happiness or sadness, persistence or defeat daily. The key to being happy is choosing what emotion we want to feel the most and taking action to ensure we replenish our happiness fund daily.

To replenish your happiness fund I recommend:

1.Gratitude: appreciate what you have, who you are and where you are at. You can miss your greatest blessings by wishing things were different.

2. Smile- feel your mood lighten instantly as you turn your frown upside down. This will also relax the muscles in your face helping you to relax.

3. Pause- examine life as it is. I always love watching how kids marvel at the simplest things, adults must endeavour to do the same.

4. Ask yourself what really matters. We often sweat the small stuff because we’ve lost sight of what actually matters. Find out what will matter tomorrow or a year from now and see how your perspective changes.

5. Break routine. Routines make people feel safe but ask people if routines feel fun and you’ll get a different response. Break routine to add difference to your life.

6. Question yourself with: How are things going right? You will start to see your world change as you no longer focus on what is going wrong.

7. Move. Exercise is an awesome mood enhancing tool you can use to hep you whenever you want.

8. Choose to be happy. Its often staid that you can read the kind of life someone has had by looking at their face. Those we perceive as grumpy often are, those who appear happy also often are. No one change the wind and changed their face (despite the old wives tale), their face became them; just as your mood will become an artwork on yours. Happiness is not always easy to feel. Sometimes it takes incredible strength to find it in the darkest of place but it can be (with the help of gratitude and all the other amazing tips I’ve shared) found.

You must choose to be happy. No one makes you happy and contrary to popular belief no one takes your happiness away, people merely affect your happiness for as long as you give them the power to. Choose wisely.