How is confidence and pride the same but different?

Confidence is the innate knowledge of who you are, what you offer and being unafraid of the fact that you make mistakes.

Pride is about feeling happy with what you have accomplished and who you are.

Thinking about these definitions how do you now think about the phrase:

Pride comes before a fall

It gets you to think doesn’t it?

Pride is necessary. We must have it otherwise we will have low self- esteem. If we let phrases like pride comes before a fall stick in our head it will prevent us from having confidence.

When you have no pride you never fall because you never rise.

The phrase which comes from the Bible was never intended to be considered in a vacuum, in other words it was never meant to be taken out of context. Without its context it encourages us that any pride is not acceptable which is simply bogus.

Pride with awareness is NOT dangerous.

Pride without awareness is arrogance, it is blindness to our whole self.

Therefore confidence and pride are related but different. To be confident we need to have pride in ourselves, to have pride in ourselves we need confidence. When we believe that pride is a negative entity, we will lack confidence so we must ensure we have awareness about who we are before we take pride in ourselves. When we do this we are celebrate the good in ourselves instead of proclaiming that we do not lack any failures. Do you see the difference?

Don’t allow anyone to let you think that pride is a bad thing. For years I didn’t accept compliments because I believed that if I did my life would simply be waiting to teach me a lesson in being humble. As a result, I lived a life where I had more arguments with people about why I refused to accept compliments than just enjoying being complimented. It meant that simply celebrating the great parts of who I am and what I achieved simply didn’t happen or if it did I always felt bad for it.

Set your life up with the happiness you want people to feel, no one should feel bad for being good at something.

No one should feel as though life will punish them because they accepted a compliment.

No one should play small because a scripture is taken out of context as a misconstrued way of teaching obedience, it is demoralising and negatively impacts your ability to succeed instead of expanding it. 

Be bigger than that.


Till next time,


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