Frugal tips to follow even if you're rich

'Frugal' seems to be a word that's merely mentioned when one is struggling for cash, infrequently do we discuss frugality as a means to wealth. It is probably because society has almost scented this word with the smell of stench, deciding that frugality is something only poor people do and therefore something to be highly embarrassed about. The reality is that being frugal allows us to make money, it gives us the opportunity for us to see what things really are- things. In this light choosing not to be frugal becomes a poor way to avoid wealth and who wants to avoid wealth right?

Many people often say things like 'I make more money yet I have less than I have before.' This is something that shouldn't happen, it does because we haven't mastered the art of being frugal. Being rich is about looking rich, its about feeling rich in love and experiences, being rich in heath and happiness of all the things that money can't buy. You might notice how some of the wealthiest people don't spend $400 dollars on t-shirts and yet they have the most private, normal lives for people in the public eye- they use their wealth for good, they don't put it on show because the vast portion of them understand that health and happiness isn't something that can be bought. Here are my top tips to nailing how to be frugal even if you're rich.

1. Buy in bulk

2. Meal prep like a boss- you'll save hundreds on your shopping bill

3. Eat out as a treat- its value will increase in more ways than one.

4. Own staplesa nd no more than one colourof hoes, pants, shirt (unless for special occasions)- this reduces clutter and levaes more money for experiences, travel etc

5. Pay yourself FIRST hten ALL bills incuing part payments to accounts for annual bills before looking at spending money

6. Shop at discount stores for items that don't rely on mass quality. Eg basic stationery, gift wrapping, birthday cards, candles, photo frames, shampoo and conditioner (if the stock your favourites).

7. Plan your grocery shop by looking at what you alreay have first and then planning based on meal numbers.

8. Don't pay for your subscriptions longer than you need/ actually use them for. Cancel them.

If you are someone who doesn't embrace the frugal mentality or sees frugality as a weakness then I challenge you to try these out and feedback to me how any of these tip didn't empower you to a better financial state or a heathier money mindset. Saving money and waiting for things can make the wait so much more exciting.