Fasted cardio- what's all the fuss about?


The latest fitness craze is Fasted Cardio where you essentially choose not to eat before you exercise, you simply get started. I'm going to be totally honest, I don't know why there is all of a fuss about it all of a sudden. I've been doing fasted cardio for a decade. It isn't a new concept. Here's why I enjoy working out on an empty stomach for those who might be considering jumping on the Fasted Cardio bandwagon.

Each day begins at 5am for me, working out or working I try to switch it up so  my mind doesn't get bored. When I workout I have a small glass of water and I get straight into the exercise. Why? Its pretty simple. I do high intensity workouts including plyometric exercises, the last thing I want is food coming out when I'm exerting myself as much as I possibly can. Working out on an empty stomach makes me feel lighter, fresher (due to the glass of water) and able to work harder. 

When I've finished my workout breakfast is a reward. I'm also definitely hungry. The concept of 'breakfast is the most important meal of the day' has been hammered down peoples' throats for years. I believe this has driven people away from mindful eating and into routine based nutrition where we eat based on a time not based on need. Eating after a workout when my body is saying 'give me food' is the perfect time to nourish it, it also becomes easier to feed it the right things because I crave protein filed savoury foods not sweet cereals or spreads. 

Think about it, how many of you eat just yoghurt because 'I'm not really hungry' or you have a big breakfast because you read online or in some health magazine that 'you should'? This is eating for the sake o eating and it opens the gateway for creating that habit whenever. Mindful eating is intuitive- its about respecting, listening to and adding value to your body when you need.

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