Why love is always worth celebrating

Last week we had Valentine's Day, some people who weren't coupled up perhaps may have dreaded the day, hell some couples may have even hated it because of the expectations they subliminally felt but whether you love or loathe Valentine's Day, February is a superb month to take a pause and celebrate love itself, whether you are single, taken, divorced, widowed or a child still grasping the concept. Read below to learn more.


Singles can love, love

You are single, you aren't unlovable. The best part about being single is the opportunity to soak up all those moments where you don't feel like you have to ask permission from someone else, when you get just get in your car and go anywhere you like. You make the decisions, you take the risks and it doesn't affect a partner. You have plenty of time to do what you want, deal with your hurts from previous relationships, get in the best shape of your life inside and out, conquer all of your goals. At this moment you have the most amount of time you'll ever get (except for maybe when you're extremely old) to get to know yourself on a deep, personal level so you can find the love of your life. There is also the super cool added bonus of never knowing when Mr or Ms Charming is going to literally run into you as you turn the street corner and that is exciting. Be excited don't be skeptical, worried or anxious there is way too much to enjoy right now. 

Couples: the importance of celebrating love beyond a day

You get to share your moments with someone you love. You also get to share moments with friends. You really have the best of both worlds. There is not one day worth celebrating when you have find the right person to spend time with, its every day. There's always something new to explore about the other person, great memories to look back on that you made together and plans you can make of a future that's headed your way. You get goals conquered together and most of all (and maybe my favourite of all- yes definitely my favourite), you get to be wrinkly with your loved one, you see them transform through everything in their life and still have a fervent love for who they are, when everything has sagged, lost its colour or shrivelled.

Widows: the magic of love beyond the grave

Losing a loved one is one of the hardest things you'll ever have to face. The best part about it though is that loved ones never leave without giving us a gift- there message, their life. On Valentine's Day, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Christmas' and so on you can celebrate the way they positively touched your life and set a high standard for what's to come next. Most importantly, you can trust they would want you to have a next, to be happy and feel loved again and that's incredibly selfless and loving (also worth celebrating). 

Kids: just doing 'it' (love) and not even knowing how awesome they are

Kids, you just get it. Kids just go out there and love (do 'it') every day without circumstance or condition, they just give, give, give. As they get older they ask about love fully forgetting how accepting, patient, kind, playful, caring, understanding they have been for years. In February its worthwhile celebrating how naturally and beautifully children love. In fact every single group of people of varying ages can learn how to love from children- they don't judge, they are simply themselves- its beautiful. Kids should celebrate their capacity to love frequently, too often to children become adults who have forgotten how easily they accepted and love others and themselves- don't forget it. Write about it, draw it, photograph it, make a Youtube movie out of it- remember it. 


I hope you have all liked this post about why people can all celebrate love. Love is the greatest emotion yet it is the most feared one because it requires us to be vulnerable, to take risks however the risks always pay off when we are true to ourselves and appreciate just who we are. Have a lovely February.

Till next time,


Celebrate love your way. PS: How freaking fun does this look! 

Celebrate love your way. PS: How freaking fun does this look!