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Negative gearing: how it can improve your health

When most people plan their goals they usually plan forwards, its understandable given that we associate success with stepping forward but how do we know how to achieve our end result? How do we know how to really make it possible? Negative gearing allows you to accomplish your goals in a simpler more motivating fashion meaning you’re more likely to repeat the process of goal setting in the future.

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Confidence is important in business

Over the past few years I have worked with several businesses and networked with thousands more and the most common denominator amongst every business owner is that confidence is an issue for many business owners. Without personal confidence your business is under-performing there is no way of saying it any nicer. My job is to help you be happy, healthy and more successful so if you are prepared to let go of control to see how much better your business can be keep reading.

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How is confidence and pride the same but different?

Confidence is the innate knowledge of who you are, what you offer and being unafraid of the fact that you make mistakes.

Pride is about feeling happy with what you have accomplished and who you are.

Thinking about these definitions how do you now think about the phrase:

Pride comes before a fall.

It gets you to think doesn’t it?

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How Busy Mums Find Time to Workout

When I was pregnant I naively envisioned long luxurious coffee playdates, plenty of sleeping and good long workout sessions every day. I don’t know why I even thought that was going to be possible, but wow wasn’t reality different! I barely had time in the day to have a shower let alone good long workout sessions! I soon became completely overwhelmed as I tried to balance the idea of what a workout session should look like with the reality of what I was actually capable of achieving. One more child later and I’ve finally found my sweet spot, so today I wanted to share with you 5 tips for fitting in a workout when you have a baby.


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12 signs you are lacking confidence

Confidence is often mistaken in others especially those who are extroverted or seem to have it ‘all going on’. Often bold confidence is described as something you either have or haven’t got, kind of like the X Factor minus the singing. It is something that draws others to you without any effort on your part, trying to conjure up this kind of confidence is tough if you haven’t done the inner work to love yourself first. So how do you know what to work on so you can get some help breaking through your current confidence level so you attract bigger and better things in your life & feel comfortable where you are at? Here are my top 12 signs you are lacking confidence.

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Your WHY isn't what is sabotaging you

Millions of people across the world are currently in the swing of a new year working towards achieving their goals. Now that most of us have returned back to work after Christmas life has returned to its normal patterns which may have left you wondering whether or not your why is big enough to really achieve this year’s resolution. I’m here to tell you that your why has nothing to do with whether you succeed this year or not.

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The year that was & the year that will be

Around Christmas I always feel a wave of nostalgia as I discuss with friends and family what happened over the year. The effect is probably increased by the television segments of ‘2018 in News’ which showcase our Prime Minister changing 4 times, royal weddings & the private life of Karl Stefanovic, just to boost the ratings of shows that wouldn’t survive without it. Whether its news scripts or chats with loved ones I love looking back on what was and reflecting about the greatest moments, the greatest fails and the biggest surprises before moving on to the new year. So here is my 2018 recap.

2018 was a year I could describe in one word- TRUST.

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How to keep your fitness motivation

Motivation isn’t something you discover one day and suddenly & permanently have. It is something that requires constant stimulus- I like to inappropriately call this poking or prodding. Without a good poke or prod we easily end up back on Mehsville where we are simply ok, cruising along but inherently tasteless, bland, bored. This happens with our fitness routine, our relationships, our social life and our careers. Change is necessary to bring about motivation. I’ve compiled 10 simple strategies you can use to keep your fitness motivation (plus added a few bonus ones in because why keep it to ‘nice’ numbers all the time aye).

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Christmas Magic

Miracle on 34th Street is a story about a little girl who believes in Santa Claus while some adults don't, mainly Susan's mum. Santa is criticised, often described as 'fake, ridiculous, something not worth believing in because it let's you down'. In my very adult opinion, I believe many people have this exact attitude towards the positive mindset

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The 8 year old entrepreneur

Recently my nephew was asking ‘how do I make more money Aunty Joey?’ I love it when children ask these kinds of questions, it shows how much they are thinking about their future and how much they want to take control of it. In today’s society I don’t believe there is a time that is too young to be having these kind of conversations, especially if a child instigates it. The conversation was initiated with me because my nephew is fully aware about my prowess with Facebook marketplace, so like the clever boy that he is, he went straight to the source and asked questions. I love that spirit. Needless to say it was a great teaching and learning moment between us and an opportunity to impart so much more than just money beliefs to a child that will live in a society with epic potential to make millions and get into millions of dollars worth of debt easily. Here is a snapshot of our story.

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Take nothing for granted

Have you ever been sick and just thought 'when will this all end?' Sometimes you can get so hung up on what isn't going right at the moment that you forget to count your blessings. This is why I adore gratitude. To take nothing for granted though we need to appreciate things in the present. This post is a short and sweet reminder to do just that.

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