The Cancer Warrior- Cielo Superticioso

The first superwoman to feature as part of this International Women's Week celebration is Cielo Superticioso, a passionate teacher who kicks cancer's glutes with positive advocacy in her spare time. I am so pleased to have interviewed her for this International Women's week and to give her a shout out right here where I encourage people daily to 'inspire yourself' to be the best you can be. 

cielo in paint.jpg
  • Where are you from?: Philippines but now living in Vietnam.
  • Occupation: Teacher for 10 years but I am quitting this May.
  • How do you positively impact the world? I continually strengthen my awareness campaign in Asia especially in Vietnam.
  • How do you empower women? By raising my voice and increasing advocacy in cancer awareness by:
                                                      1. Building self-esteem and confidence - make individuals more comfortable in talking about cancer.
                                                      2. Encourage decision-making power - help others to independently make a decision for themselves instead of taking the advice of other people first.

  • Why do you love being female? I love my body. I love the 3 scars that tell different stories of challenges yet beautiful. As a female, I am hurt when I see other people hurt. I embrace the vulnerability of being a woman.
  • What's the best part of working for your passion as opposed to what you feel you 'should' have done according to society? The best part of working for my passion first is that no one is opposing the advocacy I have started and the society is ready to learn and contribute their own ideas to make the cancer awareness campaign stronger- I think this is because they can tell when they talk to me that it is my greatest passion.
  • Who is your greatest role model and why? Mother Teresa. She is one of the most inspiring persons in the world. She is selfless and cared about others that were in need.
  • What's one thing you believe society needs to know about women? When we talk, it doesn't mean that we are dominant than men. We talk because we can also contribute positively to the community. We talk because we do not hide our vulnerability.
  • If there was 1 thing you could change in society with the click of a finger what would it be? I hope that the society (here in Vietnam or even the rest of Asia) will give the hope to every cancer patient in need who is fighting cancer. Hope in a way by showing support not only financially, but also emotionally and mentally.
  • Who would play you in a feature film of your personal life? Scarlett Johansson
  • What is something you would tell your 13 year old self with the knowledge you have now? You are starting to hear your voice, listen to it! Explore your creativity and never give up whenever you fail multiple times.

What a superb interview right?! I love that phrase Cielo says 'we talk because we do not hide our vulnerability' personally I think that is a woman's superpower. What of you think? 

To find out more about Cielo and to support her great efforts to create positive change in Asia for cancer sufferers you can engage with her on her business website. You can also engage with her on her Facebook page, simply follow this link: The Creative Mess Facebook page