The business mindset

I started building my business in 2015, bit by bit the Julia Trask brand was created. I had successes and failures, amongst it all I learnt how different the business mindset is compared to anything else. You move from epic highs to epic lows and all the while you never lose your passion because you know 'this thing I'm doing IS what I am meant to be doing.'

In the beginning I had really poor advice from people who I felt would be best equipped to help me and conversely great advice from people simply willing to give. I constantly participated in Facebook groups over and over again. When Julia Trask began I was helping businesses to have confidence in themselves and to realise that fear only hindered their business. Fast forward a few years and I have decided to create my own Facebook group to fill a gap I still see in the Facebook community.

Business owners want to promote their content and products. They want to collaborate. They want to learn from others. ALL business owners struggle with the entrepreneurial waves that is business ownership whether they are very experienced or complete novices. Problem is this- there was NO platform for them to overcome these fears and promote their products, until of course THE FEARLESS ENTREPRENEUR was born. 

The Fearless Entrepreneur enables business owners to share and promote what they are great at, learn how to prioritise, build clientele, become more vulnerable and deal with the mindset hurdles they face. I teach others how to overcome mindset hurdles regularly, encourage business owners to network for collaborations and giveaways and run weekly fearless challenges that get people out of their comfort zone so they can prove to themselves that they can do the same regularly with their business. Most importantly in the group we don't focus on numbers of followers we focus on adding value to people, recognising that when we do the numbers come.

It's a fabulous community to grow and develop (even if I say so myself). The best thing I love about it? There are people who work in the same field and they aren't threatened. It is a positive, happy place where people encourage each other instead of operating out of fear.

This was a really important thing to create for me because while I LOVE Facebook groups I felt what was missing was the FEAR LESS part. Some had so many rules and it didn't seem that the overall goal was helping others but rather working towards selling the admin officer's own products. Yes I mention my coaching (I won't lie) in this group but everyone does. People are encouraged approximately 3 times a week to get on Facebook live- this means there are epic opportunities to improve your online skills, be known and grow your business while personally and professionally developing yourself. It's very exciting. I look forward to seeing people succeed, engaging with everyone daily and witnessing awesome business connections. 

I would love you to join if you are a passionate business owner who's experienced the mindset waves of business and wants to feel supported, calm and collected during these periods. Come and connect, add value, grow yourself and your business. 

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