Be Inspired

On January 21 I became the owner of my own clothing label. Here is the story of how Inspired came to be.

For years I have been a writer, always creating original ideas with the purpose of helping others expand their thinking whilst enabling myself to express all the goodness I've learnt from being present in my own personal development and the development of others. As a people watcher creating stories has always been pretty easy, people say a lot in their body language alone. What I found though the more I paid attention to peoples' interactions was how often the body language and the words didn't match up and how often individuals seemed restrained from completely letting go and being themselves. As a goal oriented lady I've always believed that you should set a goal and achieve it. As an adult it took time to ditch the ideas of my childhood that I couldn't be proud about those achievements. Inspired is a clothing range that is the culminating design of growth- how I am, and you are, a sum of all the things that happen to you in your life and how you become a beautiful, bold, confident success story when you really own who you are.

As a fitness lover I have often gone into clothing stores and looked at the quotes or slogans on shirts and recalled the times I had seen the same words on memes in my Pinterest feed. I liked them there was no doubt about it. I also knew that others liked them so I knew that these clothing labels were clever creating something that people knew consumers would love but it didn't seem authentic. Some labels charged $70 AUD or more for a slogan that had become so stock standard it was no longer original. There were copies after copies of the same slogan virtually the same from one fitness label to the next. There were casual tees from one brand to the next that were also virtually the same and it bothered me. They didn't stand out. 

When individuals love who they are there is no way you can miss how awesome they feel, it radiates from their very being. They become more radiant, more interactive, more fun, a much bigger, greater version of themselves. I know this to be true because this is something I noticed for myself. When I grew in my own capabilities, when I understood what it really means to love myself warts and all I knew that I became a better person because I stopped second guessing, stopped fearing and most of all stopped asking people for permission to be who I am. The slogans in these stores didn't seem to quite make it any more, some would make the make others were 'pretty' good but not great. Some I loved but I knew that if I walked to 4 other branded stores they would have pretty much the same attire and therefore it wasn't unique. I felt like that personal growth, the self love journey, the confidence had to be documented in a real, authentic, original way a way that only literature in its true sense can deliver. So Inspired was born.

INSPIRED my label.png

I began by writing down a bunch of short lines (suitable for shirts), looking at years and years worth of writing and pulling out the parts I liked the most. I knew that I wanted a men and women's range because I am just as passionate about men finding their awesome selves as I am women. As a fitness fanatic I felt that skipping out on the fitness apparel would be a definite miss since there was nothing like it yet. So I started playing with designs, piecing it altogether. This happened about 4 months after some market research into prices people are happy to pay and whether or not people are interested in original quotes. Unsurprisingly those who were surveyed all agreed that:
a. the fabric had to be quality
b. an original quote was wayyyy better than something copied from the internet.

So I knew that my products would strike a cord with my audience. I priced the products in the range that my audience said they would be happy to pay for them and I got on with the job. A few weeks later I found that the company I had started doing work with actually didn't offer what I wanted. You probably thinking- how did I not know that right? Well basically I believe the company I was with didn't actually even know the full extent of what they offered. I called a bunch of other people after having to cut ties with this US company and gladly found an Australian company who helps entrepreneurs create the designs they want- they offered labelling, a store, decent commissions, a fabulous range of high quality products AND advertising on their website. So I teamed up with Printlocker Australia and created my site. It literally took 2 days to redesign my creations on their software because of how simple and easy they are to use. They promptly told me that my logo would be on all my clothes and it wouldn't cost an extra charge. I was absolutely freaking stoked. 

In life I often find that if you get a curved ball its because something better is coming, that was definitely the case when I found Printlocker. Now, in February I have several designs in my store, soon to be adding more and the label has been very well received by the public. I am still trying to come to terms with having casual tees and fitness gear for men and women with my name on it. It's incredible. I am also extremely excited that my goals (to be completed by the end of 2018) have begun, the goal- to start helping people affected by sexual and domestic violence and to help families affected by war. As part of my designs I created the 'I won' tee shirts, designs of which all of the money from them goes to charities that help those in serious need. It felt so amazing to be able to create these so I can start delivering help where its needed most. 

The day I went to launch my brand, I went for a gym workout until I was completely exhausted at the end of my stretches I sat up, exhaled and cried. 'I actually did it.' The little girl dream of have a clothing shop is done, albeit it isn't a physical store but it is a store nonetheless and one with great meaning. For all the haters, for all the critics who like to shut me down on a weekly, almost daily basis launching Inspired was a great middle finger to the comfort of others. I love that about my brand.

So today, here I am letting you know about my brand, a brand I created to fill a gap in an otherwise lacking market. A brand that enables you to show others how awesome you have become by committing to yourself, a brand that also purposely encourages others to do the same every time they see the original words plastered on your clothed canvas. This is Inspired, clothing with a story. Please take a look at my collection, share this post or my website with friends and make a purchase today. When you love your first item, choose to become a brand ambassador (click here to register)- you'll receive discounted clothing, life coaching and personal training packages plus awesome compliments for wearing a brand that is as authentic as you are. Otherwise I invite you to join me on Friday at 730am AEST when I answer questions about this amazing new clothing label on Facebook live. 

Till next time,