Habits to keep you sane in 2018


Welcome to 2018! 365 days, 365 opportunities and a whole lot of fun ahead. To enjoy the most of your year ahead I want to share my top habits to keep you happy, healthy and sane in 2018. Read on to be inspired. 

Meal planning

Meal planning is the key to give yourself more freedom throughout the week. With meal planning individuals can wake up in the morning to prepared breakfasts, lunches and dinners treating their fridge like a fast food restaurant of healthy, nutritious based meals. Once a habit for fitness freaks only meal planning is now a habit for the fun loving, finance conscious foodie. Why? Preparing meals saves thousands of dollars per quarter and prevents the accidental ‘binge spread’ caused by munching on whatever you can get your hands on, when you are hungry. Psychologically it allows you to feel as though you have rewarded yourself when you arrive home from a long day of work to a prepared, delicious meal that doesn’t take more effort than a simple microwave. I became addicted to meal planning about 9 years ago, to the point where it makes my Sundays, doing the grocery shopping and then cooking for a few hours while singing is my new kind of bliss.

So, what do you need to really nail meal planning?

·         Containers- Tupperware if you are fancy, reusable plastic containers from the Reject Shop (AUS)/ Poundland (UK), Walmart (US/Canada) if you aren’t fussed.

·         Cup measurements- if you are wanting to portion control while meal planning I recommend you have 1, ½ and ¼ cup measurements so that you can control the intake of macronutrients per meal (protein, carbohydrates, fats)

·         Freezer space- this is SUPER vital. If you are in a share house, meal plan for the space you have or negotiate with your housemates, if your catering for your family be sensible about how much you want to buy and how many meals it will make.

·         Always make a minimum of 4 serves per meal. You don’t have to eat them one after the other but purchasing for larger portion sizes will help saving money even more.

·         Nutritious recipes- for some great ideas go to the places I’m constantly inspired, the corners of my Pinterest boards- Nutrition lifesavers, Fresh smoothies and juices (you can freeze some of these mixes or make several batches that argued for a few days!) and Clean Eating Recipes. 

meal prep.jpg

Money date night

Are you in love with your money? Not many people LOVE the concept of organising their finances, what is working and what isn’t however in 2017 I was encouraged by Kate Northrup to do just this and I have to say I absolutely LOVE her idea. At first I thought a money date night is ridiculous, after all why would I want to sit with a glass of wine at a restaurant and my budgeting book and look through everything with a fine tooth comb? Kate convinced me that it worked when I participated in one of her money mindset workshops and I have to say she is absolutely right.

For month’s now I have scheduled time on a Tuesday afternoon where no one can intervene on my money time- where I have wine (sometimes too much wine), great meal and even sometimes cake and I enjoy the hell out of my money date night. I get excited about finding new ways to save money and to make money. The moments where I used to feel dread about my finances are gone.

If you don’t know the nitty gritty of every cent you spend or where you can save some cash, choose a moment where you can have a date with your money and get intimate with it in a fun way. I promise you, when you focus on this you can have more money each week. Give it a shot!

Go somewhere beautiful and different, have fun figuring out where your finances are at. It'll honestly become one of the things you look forward to during the week.

Go somewhere beautiful and different, have fun figuring out where your finances are at. It'll honestly become one of the things you look forward to during the week.

Workout routines

Its January, let’s be real it’s the moment where New Year’s Resolutions are in full swing. I know full and well, being in the health industry that you are being bombarded with ‘exercise to get well,’ the reality is movement does improve our health. If you are physically active you are going to assist your health however if you really want to transform your body you need to participate in high intensity or interval workouts combined with stretching and yoga exercises. This will help burn fat while maintaining flexibility and strength which is important for normal functioning.

As a special treat I have provided 2 workout routines you can try today straight from my Julia Trask Coaching mobile app (used by clients only) so you can see the benefits for yourself.


Always feel like your year gets away from you? Chances are it most probably does because you are doing too much at the one time. 2018 is the year to embrace mindfulness. Mindfulness is the art of simplifying life. It means doing ONE THING AT A TIME. Does this make you inefficient like many people think? No. It actually helps you to be more productive, successful and happy because you invest your time fully into one thing and complete something properly instead of juggling 2 or more things at a time. Mindfulness isn’t just about doing one thing at a time though, its about focussing on one thing at a time, that is a practice that takes some work. How many of you drive a car and only think about driving the car in that moment? Many of us think about where we are going, what our family or friends are doing and a bunch of other things that are filling up our minds. No wonder people sometimes finish their day or indeed their year feeling ‘full of it’- they haven’t allowed for downtime. Mindfulness allows you to reduce the cognitive load on your brain (reduces the necessary brain power) required to get through the every day allowing you to have more energy.

Here are some simple ways you can inject mindfulness in your life in 2018:

·         Go to the toilet WITHOUT your mobile phone

·         Eat dinner without television, simply BE with your family and friends

·         Exercise with your calls blocked so your workout time can be enjoyed.

·         Shower each day and simply embrace how it feels to have water running over your body

·         Lie on your bed before you sleep and simply focus on your breathing, put your hand on your chest to feel the rise and fall if it helps you focus on your breathing and calm the mind from those busy thoughts.

Pay attention to life & pause more often.

Pay attention to life & pause more often.



Take some time out this year to reflect on your relationships, your happiness, if you feel like you are progressing the way you would like to not to criticise yourself and always look to create change but to witness the successes you have made as well. Reflection is a very powerful tool that enables you to create a fresh perspective to what is really going on and whether or not you like how you are living your life. This will help prevent those moments where we have made decisions we weren’t proud of or felt were not in line with our values, simply because when we reflect we consider our values. To keep these reflections out of your head, purchase one of these journals below- they are my current favourites!

I hope you have enjoyed these happy, healthy tips to keep you inspired in 2018. Feel free to leave any of your own.

If you’d like to take your habits one step further download this freebie Cluttered to Clear and overhaul that mindset to positivity land before 2018 starts to get away from you.

Till next time,