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Hello! The past 3 weeks has seen an exciting new strategy for adding more value to our much loved followers and clients. Every week is themed with a new topic and freebie value to help you have a little more direction in life. It's how we value you, because you deserve to be valued whether you are paying clients or not!

At the beginning of each week on Facebook the new word will be mentioned with some questions helping you to focus for the week ahead. I will share special tips in Instagram and pose questions for those following along. By the end of each week you can improve your health and wellbeing simply by connecting with me online! How cool is that?!

Last week's topic of strategy was well liked, especially the Instagram story which got many individuals worldwide engaged and thinking about how they can more positively approach their mindset, relationships and work life. Self love was another topic individuals adored and commented on! It was fabulous to see people engaging in my online community groups! I get a real buzz from hearing from my audience, hearing their stories and sharing their success. I encourage you to engage each and every week on Facebook and Instagram. For those of you who may have missed some of the content I have included a post here about self love because self love is behind everything I teach and the foundation of happiness and success! 

Self love is personally one of my favourite topics. When individuals start to become aware of how loving they are of themselves right now they can improve their happiness immediately by making some small improvements to their life. This may be taking time for themselves more frequently, exercising, communicating more effectively or actually creating a budget instead of hoping that the numbers will stay positive pay check to pay check. It is also superb to see those lightbulb moments when men and women realise that self love incorporates self care but it IS NOT self care. Let me explain.

Self care is when you take time to look after yourself, when you make yourself feel good no matter what- it is a loving act but it isn't self love in its entirety. Here is why. Sometimes self love means being hard on yourself, it requires you to look in the mirror and really examine your life for what it truly is because without you cannot make long lasting changes. I hear individuals frequently said 'How am I back here again? I have been working so hard to improve my life.' I will question you with this:

Are you really trying hard to improve your life or are you merely trying to change the things you feel comfortable with fixing? Do you ignore the difficult problems?

Many of us tackle the things we KNOW how to fix and the difficult things, those ones are placed in the too hard basket. This leaves you stuck. No one should feel the frustration and despair that comes with being stuck in a rut. Unfortunately individuals find themselves running on the mouse wheel and struggle to get off because stepping off means dealing with the difficult problems and being tough with yourself when you are preventing yourself from moving forward. This means having to actually deal with the lack of responsibility you have displayed towards yourself, the laziness you have accepted as satisfactory or the problems that you need help with fixing that you cannot do alone. It can be frightening to take a close look at yourself and face your problems, its perfectly normal to feel this way. You are not perfect, you are allowed to make mistakes. It is when you choose to make the same mistakes again and again and never change that you have CHOSEN TO LIMIT YOUR SUCCESS. Choosing to sabotage your success is often more confronting than actually dealing with the problems you face because you have to stand face to face with the reality that you don't value yourself at all and you don't want to experience success. Sometimes individuals self sabotage because they want somebody else to make them feel better about their life but in this act they give away their happiness to someone else, they don't even own their own happiness nor will they own their success when they have it because it is success someone else created FOR them not something they achieved for themselves. Hence it incredibly vital for individuals to recognise that true happiness doesn't come from ignorance, happiness comes from having an awareness of the necessity for change and acknowledging the urgency for it to happen. You see there is a second part to self love. You can talk to yourself and others (coaches like myself) about the need to change but those words mean nothing unless you fully understand that without a change you aren't going anywhere, your relationships will stay exactly as they are now and success will be elusive. When you KNOW that you MUST change something in your life you will act until then nothing will happen. Let me break this down a little more.

Individuals all over the world say 'I need to lose weight,' 'I need to save money,' 'I need to exercise,' or 'I need to socialise more so I can meet someone' but all of this chatter means nothing until ACTION occurs. This action is born out of desperation because you know something MUST happen to lead a more fulfilling life. This is why many people do not make fundamental changes until their foundations have been completely rocked, they almost have to lose it completely before they recognise that NOW is the time to act. Love yourself enough to hear the words 'need' and treat that as NOW, start telling yourself what you MUST do. When you do this 'Monday' won't happen every week because you are simply getting on with being awesome, instead of Monday being a groundhog day Monday becomes a day where you celebrate the awesome contribution you have made to continuing to love yourself by taking action. This simple routine change can inspire a mindset shift that can empower a healthy, loving relationship that is worth investing in.

Each week I will continue to share content that will help you to improve your self love level, adding value to you when you follow my website, Facebook or Instagram. I encourage you to follow along.

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Be kind, be loving, have fun,