10 Ways to let out your emotions

'I'm and so sick and tired of feeling this way!'

'I am so angry I just want to punch something!'

'I have had enough of this, just leave me alone!'

'I don't want to hang out with people who cannot treat me probably. I'm over it!


These are the phrases we often hear ourselves saying when we have had a gutful. Something or someone has pushed us over the edge and we have had enough. It is perfectly reasonable to feel this way, you are allowed to get upset when someone or something has upset you and you have a right to express how you feel. Expressing your emotions is vital for your mental health however there comes a time when you will need to choose to hold on to those emotions or let them go. I am not going to tell you what to do, the choice is yours. I recommend whatever choice you choose you choose the choice that allows you to keep your happiness, allows you to maintain relationships and a kind heart. At times making the right choice won't be easy but it is important to let your emotions out irrespective of what you choose. How do we let them out? Below are 10 ways to let out your emotions. These strategies may provide alternate ideas for the current methods you have now or help you to release painful emotions you are currently experiencing. Have a go at them. If you have any other strategies please feel free to share them!


10 Ways to let out your emotions

1. Write about it- passing your thoughts over to a book that cannot criticise you and simply listens is the perfect way to let go. Make sure you write in a book that is for your eyes only, you’ll be more honest.

2. Cry- cry until you have no crying left in you. If you aren’t sure what I am saying, think Cameron Diaz in the Holiday when she is forcing herself to cry and is unsuccessful. You want to have let all your emotions out so much that you’ll just laugh at how ridiculous you are.

3. Sing- put some music on with the lyrics that speak to you and belt out a tune, no cares given!

4. Run and run and run. I don’t ever encourage my coaching clients to run away from their problems but I do encourage running to clear the headspace. Do it and frequently if necessary. Alternatively you can enjoy a boxing session- let’s face it sometimes you just need to let the angry out. Just do it.

5. Meditate. Be calm, quiet and still on purpose. No mobile phones allowed.

6. Take a long, barefoot romantic walk on the beach by yourself & get grounded in space.

7. Visit a local church and ask to speak to someone. It’s free, they are helpful and everything is entirely confidential. You don’t have to worry about being religious or not, people in the church are happy to others, that’s why they serve the community.

8. Throw stones into the ocean (dam or river if you aren’t near an ocean) and use the stones as a symbol of what is weighing you down.

9. Shout. Go into the wilderness and allow yourself to actually say exactly how you feel and as loud as you like.

10. Take a drive on the open road, there is therapy is recognising the path you are on now doesn’t have to be the path you stay on. Change directions on your trip and change your emotions at the same time, keep focussed and remain in this emotion for the remainder of the trip.

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