Choice- the key word for the month, the word that is behind my brand that encourages you to inspire yourself.


Because life happens. Life is by its very nature a rollercoaster ride. You have the CHOICE to enjoy life consistently and be happy so you don’t experience life as epic highs and lows. To do this you must make a CHOICE to live a life based on learning. Why?

In the good times, we can rejoice. In the negative times, it’s easy to get stuck in the same mood and sink into a lull. When you focus on learning something from an experience, event or relationship you will always succeed. You will always move forward, even if you experience pain or trauma.

I speak to many people about making epic change in their life. I always find people who want to break away from negative naysayers and toxic relationships, people who want to find those who love them as much as they deserve to be loved and who don’t cap their ability to succeed. I always find that 100% of people want change. 100% of people do not actually want it though because they do not make a change. 100% of people would love a quick fix (myself included at times!). Only a small percentage act and put themselves first. Only a small percentage choose their success and happiness. This makes me feel sad. Why? 3 reasons.

1. Most people lose perspective that what they are dealing with is miniscule compared to what others have to overcome to find happiness (we shouldn’t compare but it does help perspective). When we lose perspective we forget the reality of what we are dealing with, sometimes making situations worse than they are and rendering us 'stuck' with our lot in life. The longer we participate in this perspective-less space the less we see the pain we are causing ourselves by a lack of self love.

2. Individuals forget that pain is temporary and joy is long lasting. Think about it- most of our memories are happy, we don’t tend to CHOOSE to remember sadness, pain or grief so why choose to not change for the better?

3. The third reason people don’t change….they do not love themselves enough. You must have self-love. When you do not love yourself you always CHOOSE LESS. You choose to wait when you should expect more of someone, choose to wait around for the job promotion, choose to hang around for friends who won’t lift their game, choose to stay feeling unhappy about your body when you could be happy, choose a toxic relationship over finding a happy one because you actually like the attachment you have to sticking with something you know even if it is sad.

I don't want you to feel less, I don't want you to choose less. I want you to SAY YES to your life, say yes to your happiness and success and CHOOSE POSITIVE CHANGE. Positive change doesn't come with a 'but' or a 'if' or a 'when this happens...', positive change comes when you commit, when you truly decide that enough is enough.  Choose you. Love yourself, spend time on yourself and making positive choices. Let you actions speak of love and not of fear!

Till next time,


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