Why the travel bug is the best bug you'll ever get!

My journey of Europe and the UK has come to an end. It has been an epic adventure, one I'm not sure I will ever fully be able to verbalise the depth of its impact on me. I have met many people, witnessed a myriad of cultures, experienced delights, a few pitfalls and yet again gained a thirst for exploring more of this amazing world of ours. 

This is the best thing about travelling, people never fail us, for me it is this that provides the thirst to do it all over again. Everyday life instills an odd belief in us that it should be every man for themselves however travel shows us that our world is nothing like that. The amount of people that I have met and felt at ease with in a short space of time is stunning. You find yourself sitting in space and time wondering how you never encountered these beautiful souls sooner and how you are so blessed to find friends, for some new lovers, that are so akin to who you are. Then there are 'incidentals,' people who come into your life for brief moments, to share laughter, give directions, offer restaurant advice or who want to understand your culture- they make you realise that our world isn't as ignorant as we are lead to believe. These people make life better as well. Couple the people with history, culture and amazing sceneries and you have heaven on Earth. 

This Earth has to be explored. The people of all cultures, those you can't even imagine you could meet that you are yet to and those unspeakably beautiful sceneries, they have to be witnessed. With these things you gain appreciation for what you have, for people, your country and culture, the kind of appreciation you do not gain from staying in your own backyard. In any case it is definitely true when they say 'life is a book and those that do not travel read only a page'.

Where have you travelled and what has it taught you? Please leave a comment. I would love to hear your stories!

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