How to enjoy a summer Sunday in London

It's Thursday and no doubt you have already begun to think about the most restful day of the week. Some people think this glorious day is tainted with thoughts of mundane Monday and back into the rigmarole of work, here's 12 ways to ensure you enjoy your weekend right up to the last rays of sunshine!

 1. Grab a coffee and sit near a free piano in St Pancras International and simply watch the talent. You'll be amazed at the fantastic free concert you get.

2. Hire a Boris/ Santander bike and cruise about Hyde Park or any royal park.

3. Lie on the grass outside Greenwich University and listen to a free classical concert as students practice their talents. Enjoy the rays too. Right now there is a quaint gelato van nearby if you fancy a fresh treat!

4. Play ping pong at a local park with friends. Call in random by passers for some extra fun.

 5. Find a riverside location, play tunes, sing loud and proud solo or with your friends.

 6. Do an impromptu walk around Brick Lane and find the graffiti art yourself.

7. Go to Scribbler or Paperchase and read the humour in their cards. Purchase one (you'll probably buy more) for an upcoming event or just to make someone smile. I can guarantee you this will leave you smiling all day long.

summer london 4.jpg

 8. Do something you wouldn't normally do. Take yourself to a 'geeky' exhibition, a raunchy one or go to 'that' part of town you dare not adventure.

9. Take a photography tour of London slowly. Make sure you get those dorky mocking photos you once had as a child. Remember to leave your inhibitions behind, people are too busy to notice anyway!

 10. Take a picnic and fall asleep afterwards. Picnics are glorious but nothing is better than a satisfying meal and falling asleep with the sunshine on your face and the breeze in your hair.


 11. Take a walk without your phone- barefoot. Better still dangle your feet off a jetty and close your eyes for a bit of pure relaxation. Please don't choose the London underground as your daring take on this barefoot number though, you might catch something horrendous.

 12. Give. Purposely head out to help out a homeless person, someone in need or a random WITHOUT any expectations; whether it be by having a chat, helping them financially or otherwise. You'll brighten someone else's day and that is definitely worth it.