What a FABULOUS year!

Hello Readers,

It is almost the end of 2016 and I am CELEBRATING! Yes this beautiful, wondrous, highly successful year that everyone else has all but bludgeoned I am ecstatic about. 2016 has been an absolutely epic year for me, I have been so incredibly blessed. This year brought my new brand Julia Trask which is a super fresh transition from 4 years ago when I wrote A Written Revolution on blogger and attempted to navigate the ways of HTML coding. Ahhh those days! I am so grateful for the journey I have had over the past 4 years, the great supports I have had around me and for those who continually engaged with my work. It is quite incredible to think that A Written Revolution reached people across 12 countries frequently, had thousands and thousands of hits and was nominated for awards. It was simply my little project. I am looking forward to a very exciting new year in 2017 where my brand will allow me to coach upcoming writers, work with businesses and individuals alike and continue doing what it always has...writing what is left unsaid for the benefit of positive social and personal change.

You cannot celebrate the new without looking back on where you came from though can you? This is why I have decided to post your most loved posts from A Written Revolution, my very first online library of my works, here over the next week or so. For those followers who join me from A Written Revolution to my Squarespace site I am also offering a 20% discount on ANY of the services in my store. All you need to do is select your service, send an email to julia.k.trask@gmail.com saying 'loyal' and I will create a special tax invoice just for you. This offer is redeemable until December 31 so take a look and see how I can help you achieve your writing goals, launch your business further or simply give you a little extra time on your hands.

Until we meet again, enjoy what you see here on this site! Enjoy the Christmas season! Make sure you get connected with family, friends and loved ones, it really is the best time of year. I look forward to connecting with you! Enjoy your weekend!

Till next time...


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