The coffee moment.

Have you ever sat in a coffee shop and just absorbed the atmosphere? If you have then you know the coffee moment is a real phenomenon. It is exactly the kind of phenomenon that can spur on writing inspiration in an instant.

For the past hour I have been sitting in a cafe and I have witnessed two men angrily talking about the character of women, a boy toddler being cheered up by the stories of two elderly men who finished the conversation with a high five and left the boy smiling from ear to ear, two hard core freelance workers, an elderly couple talking about life after retirement and a business meeting about ethics. I have heard about 15 different accents and even put my headphones in after a while due to a heated conversation. This is what I love about cafes.

You see if its not for the grinding of coffee beans and milk frother boiling over its the tap of freshly prepped milk and the quiet conversation of people from many walks of life. It is the buzz of difference in coffee shops that lead me to write a short story about a Starbucks frequent flyer who asked for the opportunity to partake in role reversal for a week to immerse herself in the hive of loveliness a cup of coffee brings. Sometimes the coffee moment is lonely stress relief, other times it's about sitting back with a paper, eyes peering under your spectacles and checking out the latest headlines. The inspiration sitting in the space is plentiful. It is probably why my Sunday tradition has always consisted of a notepad, pen, coffee and a solid writing session.

As a Londoner the beauty of this wondrous city is the diverse range of cultures. It is what makes Britain great. In London we are accepting, we mingle across cultures and we enjoy learning about each other. As a writer we need this mentality to construct characters respectfully. As individuals we need this mentality to look at each other and see the opportunity to meet with greatness. In a society that is ever changing and will continue to challenge our ability to love difference we must make a conscious effort irrespective of where we live to construct the lives of others in the correct light.

I encourage you, writers and creatives alike, coffee lovers; go to a cafe, sit back with your headphones out and your phone away from your hands. Interact in the space with your eyes. Be a witness. Do not be in a rush to judge. Notice the beauty in your coffee moment, recognise the humanity in everyone even if their race, culture, religion and gender is entirely different from yours, it will make your coffee moment the most treasured moment of your week.

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