14 things I love.

It's love month, so what better month to share my greatest loves! Enjoy! xo

1. Being underestimated

2. Milo on icecream

3. Laughing (especially till I cry)

4. Children, young kids in particular say the coolest stuff

5. Forehead kisses

6. Phone calls for no reason

7. The ocean- it makes me feel grounded, alive, grateful, cleansed and calm all at once

8. Singing- nothing beats belting out a tune

9. Making bad jokes and being goofy

10. Spoiling people I love for no reason

11. Travel

12. Experiencing new things

13. Meeting new people

14. Hugs

What things do you love? Do you find yourself engaging in these things every day? Please share your response in the comments. I'd love to know what makes you tick! 

Till next time,

Jules xo