10 ways to enjoy your life

Today I am 32! 32! How incredible! I have always loved birthdays and made a big deal about them, encouraged others to do the same. I've spent my birthday in different countries experiencing new things, this year I am glad to be having a quiet birthday doing what I love most- writing, spending time with friends and enjoying the simple things. I won't lie though birthdays make me teary. When I reflect and I see all the things I love about my life and the people in it there is so much to love. This is why its a great conscious decision to sit today and write to my followers, clients, friends and family. Right here is where all the things I love about come together, rolled up into one awesome career filled with incredible breakthroughs of happiness and success. So today, to celebrate my birthday and all the fabulous ones to come I'm sharing my top tips for life. Enjoy.

10 Ways to enjoy your life

1. Squeeze the last bit of fun out of everyday.

2. Being angry is easier than being happy. Choose happiness.

3. Care less about what others think about your body- seriously, do it now. No more towel yoga at the beach, pool or gym just start walking around with your towel by your side and then it will come naturally. People aren't making comment on your body they are commenting on your confidence to do it so freely. Just do it. You'll actually encourage others to embrace their body more often.

4. Age is a number. If you think your old, your old. If you think your in the prime of your life you will be. If you believe there is a million and one things you can do and you have a desire to do them, get them done. There is no barrier to what you can do- especially not 2 little digits. Do things before you cannot.

5. Forgive. Even the people you find the hardest to forgive. You can't truly live your life in happiness if you don't forgive. Forgiving doesn't mean the other person doesn't learn their lesson from how they hurt you but it does give you and them a chance to make things better. Sometimes even the worst kinds of people need enough freedom to know their fate doesn't lie in committing the same crimes or sins against others. At least give them the opportunity.

6. Love unconditionally, honestly and with vulnerability. You absolutely never lose from this. When you are simply yourself and you love who you are you cannot be rejected. At the very least you'll have your compliment accepted and you'll be admired for your capacity to love, at the most you'll be loved back by an incredible human being.

7. Write your story. There is nothing boring about it,  your story is exceptional and worthy of being read if not to write for someone else, write it for yourself. See how far you grow over time. Celebrate who you've become.

8. Learn just what your body can do. Challenge it, let it inspire you. It really is so freaking capable its amazing. Don't miss the opportunity to know what it can do. I still remember when I went for a walk and said to myself 'ok Jules lets see what you can do'- I hiked for 35 kilometres straight solo on a track full of epic mountains and valleys. Had I not challenged myself I wouldn't have known what I was capable of, it also became the beginning of really challenging my body further- jogging mountain trails instead of walking and I absolutely adore that.

9. TRAVEL. There are so many sayings about travel expanding the mind and making you a better person. The saying and quotes are not wrong. Every adventure I've been on I have become a better person, less naive, more accepting, more understanding, more appreciative, more willing to help others. Without travel I feel I could have easily got stuck inside myself and what I need instead of helping others to experience the happiness they deserve.

10. Do whatever you want. Stop thinking about what you 'should' do and create that business, chase that goal, move countries in a short space of time, kiss that random, talk to strangers and don't fear the worst and never put a barrier up to what is the 'end' of your talent. I am a lady who cannot sew who has a clothing line as a side to my coaching business, your skills aren't the limit to your success your mindset is.

Most of all...enjoy every moment of your life. If you are unhappy change something. If your 'content' change something. Chase excellence not mediocrity and you'll find happiness in every nook and cranky. Be kind be patient, be love to others and to yourself.

Till next time,

Jules xo

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