The top 10 things of summer you wish you'd remembered in winter!

I am missing London! It's so dreadful wearing bikinis in the middle of winter on a coastal island in Queensland, Australia. Seriously tough. In all seriousness though I miss actually being cold for winter. Last week I experienced ONE day of coldness, several days this winter I have nostalgia for the cold, dreary days where I could swing on my scarves, coats, beautiful knee high boots and darling beanies. All the while I know my UK friends and loving the heat and extended sunshine. To share my love of both winter and summer in the UK I bring you, The Top 10 Things of Summer you wish you'd remembered in Winter. Enjoy!

Everyone loves it when summer begins. Long days, extra socialisation with your crew and the light-hearted spirit that turns on in everyone's faces. Then there's those things about summer that sneak up on you and remind you why you should savour each winter moment while its here.

1. You don't know whether an animal died on the train or someone's BO went for a party up your nostrils. Either way stopping off the train won't prevent it from occurring again.

2. Your boobs swallow things. Gone are the winter months when jackets eloquently allowed misfed food to roll off your chest and into your lap, now your boobs have a mouth of their own. In your bid to cool off, the girls are eating any crumbs in their wake and sadly popcorn kernel or not you have to suck it and up bare it because digging in between your cleavageto find your lunch in public isn't ideal.

3. Your summer body sneaked up on you like a freight train. It's been months on end of winter, layers and chilly mornings. You've worked out at the gym but secretly you thought you had more time. Now you've recognised you have a spare tyre and it's hot. Today.

4. No clothes for everyone! Whilst some of us are concerned about our spare tyres others are not. Now while I am all for celebrating your body, seeing people's parts fall out doesn't make you jump for joy. Keep it classy people.

5. Drinking is a given. If you are eating clean summer days are a nightmare as willpower is put to the ultimate test with Britain's amazing park culture.

6. You become poor. It's almost as if the events have ceased to find a way to exist in the other months of the year, because despite summer being the most popular time to travel in Europe it's also the busiest for pop ups, events, great rooftop bars and lots of outdoor fun.

7. Cuddling is the sharing of bacteria. Cuddling, an extremely enjoyable past time (let's be honest, an every time) becomes a serious of negotiations as it heats up.

8.  Your house becomes a greenhouse. Double glazed hours are not made for summer. At all. Minimal windows support stuffiness.

9. The tube. Need I say more. London's approach to growing with climate change and technological times is running at a sloth's pace.

10. Your work hours ultimately bite. You constantly dream of enjoying the sunshine in one of the Royal parks as if it was one of the UK's stupendous beaches.