10 Reasons why confident people are attractive

10 Reasons why confident people are attractive

1.       They are honest. Confident people don’t BS. They know who they are, why they are great friends, lovers, workers, parents and where they need to improve.

2.       They are approachable and respectful all at once. Confident people are easily approachable but they also hold their own in a respectful manner, they don’t let others walk all over them and this showcases just how much they respect themselves.

3.       They look after themselves. Confident people look after their mind, body and soul. They don’t wallow, desire for a better life but not take action, do things because ‘its easier’. They make time for themselves and you can tell.

4.       Confident people are accountable. They aren’t afraid of taking responsibility for something even if it means they might look less desirable. They 100% understand that accountability is the key to improving themselves.

5.       They are happy, bubbly people who look for the joy in life.

6.       They know what they want. Confident people are least likely to date you and then decide they aren’t a relationship person at all This means you don’t waste your time.

7.       Confident people aren’t afraid to speak up. This is a massive benefit because it avoids all of the guessing games wondering how they feel or what’s going on

8.       Confident people will stand up for you. Ever been friends or in a relationship with someone who sees you in a battle and doesn’t fight for you? This won’t happen with a confident person because not only do they know wholeheartedly their worth but they also know their loved ones value and they’ll respect it.

9.       They don’t require attention they attract it. People lacking confidence need attention to feel good about themselves while confident people simply attract it because of points 1 to 8 plus also the fact that well they do NOT NEED it.

10.   Confident people are reflective. They understand that being your best self is a rinse and repeat job and they enjoy the process. They know its not an end game but part of life’s purpose- being who you are meant to be.